I Told Guys On Tinder 'Single Mom Ako' And These Were Their Priceless Reactions

One of the guys didn't seem to care about the situation as long as he got laid.
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Remember when I signed-up on Tinder just to tell guys that I was on my period? Well, I recently logged back on to the dating-slash-hook-up app on a mission to tell my matches that this time around "I'm a single mom."

Single moms sometimes get a bad rap. They have to endure ill remarks from strangers and even close relatives that range from "Sayang ka," to "Puro kasi love life inaatupag mo," and "Ang aga kasing lumandi." Not cool. 

That being said, I decided to conduct this social experiment to see how Pinoys looking for a date online (or let's just be honest, a one-night stand) would react to a woman admitting to already having a child. I tried to insert the fictional situation into the conversation every chance I had.

And the responses? Well, let's just say they varied.

Some men seemed to be disappointed, refusing to reply. Obviously, it was an instant deal breaker. Thankfully, there were a few good eggs on their smartphonesÂwho showed genuine interest.

Below are the conversations:

1. The caring dude.

2. The guy who thinks single moms are brave human beings.

3. The guy who seems to be interested to apply as the new father.

4. The guy who thinks bringing "my kid" on our date is no big deal.

5. The guy who still has to worry about tuition.

6. The guy who's really, really persistent.

7. The reluctant tito.

8. The one willing to make things work.

9. The guy who doesn't give a flying f*ck.

10. The guy who's all love and no replies.

11. The super interested insomniac.

12. The medyo-judgy guy.

13. The OB-GYN's woke son.

14. The guy with a terrific conversation starter.

15. The girl power supporter.

16. That moment when SHIT GOT REAL.

17. Oops! Didn't see this one coming...

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