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10 Questions Adventurers Are Tired Of Hearing And Answering

Aren't there more challenging questions than these?

1. OMG! That place looks so nice! Where is it?

Secret!!! (Overpopulated places aren't fun.)

2. Is it dirty there? Are there bugs?

Well, they don't call it the "wild outdoors" for nothing.

3. Isn't it hard and challenging to travel, hike, lug around a pretty heavy bag, and just not be comfortable?

Yes, and I honestly love the challenge.

4. Pasalubong, ma'am! (Says the vendor by the beach)

Those shell sculptures are pretty but, for the last time, I don't want one.

5. How do you have the money to travel?

A few cuts on coffee and shopping go a long way when traveling in the Philippines.

6. Will I get a dark tan if I go?

Well we do live in a sunny country so… 

7. Ma'am, tricycle? May boat na po kayo? 

If I needed one I would've asked, honestly.

8. Why do you go on adventures?


I can't imagine my life without it.

9. But why can't you imagine your life without it?

I just can't, okay! We like what we like.

10. Where do you get the energy?

Energy to answer all your questions? I honestly don't know.


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