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10 Struggles Of Being A Pinay Who Doesn't Like The Beach

"You're supposed to feel lucky you live in the Philippines, you weirdo!"

1. Everyone will think you’re the weirdest person ever. The beach is usually associated with “the life,” of being in paradise. It’s the go-to place for getaways for the chill vibe, the sunset, the sea, and the sand. How could you not like it, when you’re lucky to have beaches around? Well, because of the sea and the sand. Some people don’t like the feeling of salt water (what more tasting it) and sand against their skin.

2. Having to go to the beach because a lot of people like the beach and the Philippines is full of them. That’s the thing about being in an archipelago: beaches. Tons of them. It’s the destination of barkada and family outings since it’s just one car ride away. You tag along so you won’t miss out on anything and so your friends won’t forget you.

3. Not having a lot of bikinis to wear. You only have one or two pairs for the four days you’ll be at the beach, so you’re going to be doing some washing instead of donning a new pair like your beach-loving friends. Also, every beach trip finds you wearing the same bikini because bikinis are expensive and there’s no point spending on them if you hardly go to the beach. Well, you won’t go if you can help it at least.

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4. Feeling disheartened or the dread when the fun road trip is over and you’re finally at the beach. The three-hour drive is over? It sure only felt like half an hour.

5. Feeling awkward in a bikini. It might be because of the body-shamers around in spite of you having a bikini bod or the fact that your entire body save your boobs and privates is exposed for the world to see and the elements to damage. You’ve never been that exposed in public. Help.

6. Having to set foot on the shore. You know what that means: sand in between your toes, on the balls of your feet, and on your ankles. Walking on sand feels like a workout (it probably is), but not in a good way. Lying down on the shore? Sand sticking near your butt—and just hope it doesn’t get in any of your holes. GAH.

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7. Having to wade or swim in the water. You don’t want to be a kill-joy (or worse, to be teased) so you join your friends. At this point in the water, you try not to go too far from the shore just to be safe. You don’t want to get anywhere close to drowning.

8. Having to pretend you’re having a blast. You’re smiling for the cameras since those photos will be posted on social media. Why would you want to look out of place? It’s enough that you feel it. On another note, you don’t want your friends telling you you shouldn’t have come if you whine a lot about being at the beach.

9. Getting a sunburn. You didn’t sign up for this!!! On the plus side, you now have an excuse to stay indoors for the rest of the vacation. Awesome?!

10. Feeling lonely in your own vacation. How you wish you could find at least one person who doesn’t like the beach, too. (Plot twist: You meet a hot guy who doesn’t like the beach at the beach, and a tempting fling that can lead to something serious makes the beach a special place.)

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