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This Woman Gets Paid To Travel And Try Out Luxury Homes

Sorelle Amore is living the ~dream~!
PHOTO: Instagram/sorelleamore

I've always admired backpackers; they know how to survive and make do with very little. Plus, they get to see the world because they're so adaptable. But from time to time, I also wonder how the other half lives. 

Videographer Sorelle Amore doesn't have to wonder. Sorelle won ThirdHome's "Best Job On The Planet" contest and it changed her world...literally. ThirdHome is a home exchange club for luxury home owners. 

Contest participants had to send in a one-minute video explaining why they were right for the job. And Sorelle is the lucky winner!

Her prize includes a $10,000 monthly salary and travel expenses. The gig is for 3 months and Sorelle gets to stay in 12 over-the-top homes, which she's required to document on social media.  

Here are some photos of the first "home" she stayed at (and yes, it's a freaking castle):

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