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The Best Travel Destinations For Single People

Increase your chances of finding 'The One.'
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There are usually two types of single solo travelers—those who truly want to be alone and get away from it all, and those who want to meet new people. Are you part of the latter or somewhere in between? Admit it, you're *kind of* secretly hoping for that next romantic chapter in your life—with a travel subplot. There’s no shame in wanting to explore your singlehood while on vacation, whether it’s more like Sex And The City, Eat, Pray, Love, or Before Sunrise. Here are the best destinations where your chances of meeting “the one” or at least “the one for now” are high.

  1. Famous beaches

    No, we’re not talking about uncharted, untouched beaches that only a few people know about. We’re talking about the popular beaches where people go to see and be seen. In the Philippines, it’s the likes of Boracay and Palawan. Abroad, try South Beach in Miami, Ipanema in Rio, Cancun in Mexico, Mykonos in Greece, Koh Lanta in Thailand, Kuta Beach in Bali, The Bahamas, Hawaii, and Ibiza. Spend all day in a bikini to work on your tan, and then change into your sexy summer dress to party all night—hopefully next to that hot guy you’ve been eyeing in the other cabana.
  2. Bustling cities

    Travel-friendly cities offer a little bit of everything—culture and exploration in the daytime, good food, and parties at night. Visit the world’s most bustling cities like New York, Barcelona, Paris, London, Berlin, and Melbourne to get the best of everything from city day tours to party hopping. Keep your eyes peeled for both the hot locals and your fellow vagabonds from other countries.

  3. Party districts

    Some places were made just for the nightlife. It’s those spots where brokenhearted people go to drink their sorrows away, where the best bachelorette parties happen, where guys go for their BNO (boys’ night out), and where backpackers flock to get rid of jetlag; we’re talking about Las Vegas, Hollywood, Puerto Rico, and Amsterdam.

  4. Festivals

    It’s not always about those EDM festivals where you can dance to your millennial heart’s content. There are plenty of festivals that cater to different interests around the world. If you like carnival fests, there’s Rio and New Orleans. For beer lovers, there’s Octoberfest in Munich, Germany. As for food, art, and music festivals, there are plenty around the US, Europe, and Asia. Yes, it’s totally fine to go alone. As long as you are a social person, you will make friends and have a blast.
  5. Organized tours

    Joining a group tour is the fastest way to meet and hang out with fellow travelers. Just choose wisely, depending on your travel style. Some people can’t stand bus tours, while others don’t mind huddling with fellow travelers in Bermuda shorts while photographing every statue they see. Start with bus day tours or walking tours; in case you don’t like the group, you’ll be stuck with them for only a few hours and not the entire trip. If you have the budget, check out singles cruises. For long-term group travel, choose from Contiki (for party-loving 20-somethings), G Adventures (for the tamer crowd), Topdeck (for a wider age range), Intrepid (for smaller groups), and Trafalgar (no age limit). If you’re on a budget, just download apps like Couchsurfing, Meetup, and good ol’ Tinder
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