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19 Must-Visit Places In Bohol In 2019

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This summer, be sure to put Bohol at the top of your travel itinerary. This island’s popularity has been booming in recent years—and not just for its famed Chocolate Hills (although, they, of course, remain a key draw for tourists). In partnership with the local government, the community’s efforts to show visitors an adventure of a lifetime are starting to pay off. Whether you love being underwater, high above the trees, immersed in history, or the middle of the action—Bohol has something for you.

  1. Canawa Spring

    This spring is a couple from Bohol’s more popular tourist spotsbut it’s worth making a detour for! Tucked into a rural corner of the island, be sure to visit on a hot day, as this refreshing body of water is surprisingly cold. Pack a lunch or stop for supplies in the nearby town, and spend the warmest part of the day lounging on shaded rocks along teal waters.

  2. Danao Adventure Park

    Looking for a heart-pounding thrill? Danao Adventure Park, which is set in the island’s gorgeous hills, offers visitors the opportunity to rappel, climb massive trees, kayak, and more. Plus, this is a certified ecotourism destination, meaning that your visit will support the province’s environmental protection efforts, as well as provide sustainable employment for the locals.

  3. Chocolate Hills

    If you are a first-time visitor to Bohol, there’s no question about it: you must visit the natural wonder that is the Chocolate Hills. None of your elementary school books or friends’ Instagram photos can do this place justice. Until you see it for yourself, you just won’t be able to fathom how vast and awe-inspiring this geological feature is.
  4. Loboc Ecotourism Adventure Park

    Don’t miss this affordable and breathtaking nature experience. The cable car ride is a perfect way for the less adventurous to take in the views of the Loboc River. However, if you want to raise your heart rate a bit more, try ziplining over the river to see Bohol’s gorgeous waterfalls and forests at top speeds.

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  5. Virgin Island

    Visit this totally undeveloped island to experience a picturesque sandbar in pristine waters. With perfect lighting and backdrops at every angle, this is the perfect place to take THE vacation photo of your dreamsso don’t forget your camera. But even if you don’t bring any gadgets, this island is enthralling enough to hold your attention. If you’re lucky you may even see a pod of dolphins flitting by!

  6. Hinagdanan Cave

    To get inside Hinagdanan Cave, you have to spiral down a steep set of stairs (hence the name). At first, you’ll be greeted by the cramped entrance of the cave, which is dark and humid. Then, as you curve through a rocky walkway, the cave opens up to showcase a majestic natural pool. Take a dip to ease the humidity. And if you’re taking photos, use the flash!

  7. Hera Greek Taverna

    If you’re looking for a lowkey lunch or dinner spot, try Hera Greek Taverna in Alona Beach. Set right on the sand, you can get a table under coconut palms, or on the second-floor open-air terrace. Both give you unmatched views of the white sand beach and clear water. Plus the food and drinks offer high quality flavors for affordable prices.

  8. Blood Compact Statue

    Be sure to get a bit of history while vacationing in Bohol. The Blood Compact site is an essential part of Filipino history. And although the statue itself invites sightseers to partake in silly pictures, the events that took place here hundreds of years ago are no laughing matter. Local and international travelers should take some time to understand the roots of Philippine colonization, in order to more deeply appreciate the fun and beauty this country has managed to preserve and graciously offer its visitors.

  9. Alona Beach

    Alona Beach is the go-to destination for travelers seeking comfortable accommodations, a wide selection of food, daytime excursions, and a vibrant nightlife. But even if your hotel isn’t located on Alona Beach, you should make it a point to play beach volleyball on the powdery sand, take a sunset stroll on the shore, or have a tropical cocktail at one of the beachfront bars. It’s a great place to meet people, take photos, and comfortably reflect on the beauty of the island.

  10. Casa Amihan

    One of the best eateries in Bohol, be sure to have at least one meal at Casa Amihan. This off-the-beaten-path beachfront hotel-slash-restaurant gives visitors a quiet view of the island’s turquoise waters lapping against natural rock formations, while also offering local fares such as fresh kinilaw and homemade ice cream and fruit shakes. Plus, all ingredients come right from the island, so you know your meal benefits local farmers!

  11. Bohol Bee Farm

    If you’re in the mood for a hearty meal made with organic ingredients in a hippie-esque locale, stop by Bohol Bee Farm. They serve everything from salads made of edible flowers, to surprising twists on local dishes, and even ice cream made on-site! You can enjoy a meal in the al fresco dining area overlooking the sea, or graze on snacks as stroll through food stalls while shopping for pasalubong to take home.

  12. Garden Cafe

    In the heart of Bohol’s capital of Tagbilaran City, you can enjoy international food in a fun cowboy-themed restaurant with big servings and affordable prices. The Garden Cafe also offers guests a chance to explore the in-house museum, delightfully featuring cowboy paraphernalia from Montana (of all places!). It may be off-kilter, but it’s a novelty that’s worth seeing!

  13. Quinale Beach Bar

    Far from the usual crowds, Quinale Beach Bar in Anda is a great place to grab a beer and quick snack while exploring Bohol’s famed shoreline. Since it’s away from the city, prices are lower and the vibe is more relaxed. Come here for a day of lounging on the sand, at the end of an action-packed trip.

  14. Food & Fables

    A quick sweep through Google will show that Food & Fables consistently produces great reviews from travelers who have been smitten by the fresh soul food and peaceful ambiance of this little Loboc sensation. With vegan and vegetarian food that is filling and flavorful, as well as organic omnivorous options for the meat-eating crowd, it’s no surprise that this restaurant is a crowd-pleaser.

  15. Man-made Forest

    For a unique sensory experience, travel through Bohol’s Man-made forest, where towering trees canopy a winding road, creating a panorama of serenity. This destination is a feature in many day tours, but it’s best taken in when you’re not being rushed through an itinerary. So, if you get a chance, travel here privately in order to get the most out of this.

  16. Philippine Tarsier Foundation

    Bohol is known for being the natural habitat of the cute native primates known as tarsiers. To see these iconic creatures, visit the Philippine Tarsier Foundation’s sanctuary in Corella. They are one of the few sanctuaries on the island that put the tarsiers’ wellbeing above collecting tourist pesos, making it an actual site of conservation instead of just another tourist trap.

  17. Mithi Resort & Spa

    For a taste of luxury, spend some time at Mithi Resort & Spa. This private paradise is one of Bohol’s most beautiful. Surrounded by lush tropical flora and overlooking the clear waters, Mithi is even equipped with its own islet. So, if you’re looking for a truly rejuvenating getaway, this is the spot for you.

  18. Loboc River

    A great way to see a different side of Bohol is to cruise the Loboc River. Flanked  by verdant vegetation, the lifeblood of the island is a source of fresh food, culture, and calming scenery. Because the river is a popular site, travelers can often find themselves in frustratingly cramped “buffet cruises.” Our advice is to do a bit of research and book a reputable tour ahead of time.

  19. Amarela Resort

    This resort is a great way to have both a guilt-free and an indulgent experience. If for some reason you stay indoors during your time in Bohol, this resort will give you access to common creature comforts like WiFi, cable, and great service. However, they also maintain an eco-friendly practices, such as composting, rainwater collection, and waste segregation. So, by supporting this establishment, you’ll also be supporting the environment!

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