This Gorgeous Garden Has The World's Biggest Crystals

And it's located in Australia.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/taramilktea, (RIGHT) Instagram/crystalcastlebyronbay

Get your Unfold app ready 'cause this crystal "castle" in Australia is begging to be Instagrammed. 

Located 40 minutes from the Gold Coast Airport is a crystal haven that'll blow your mind (and your notifications). The Crystal Castle is a botanical garden that's home of the world's largest crystals. It's a space for those in need of peace and tranquility. They have daily guided tours through crystals, gardens, and meditation experiences. 

There's the Enchanted Cave, the largest amethyst cave in the world:

The Crystal Guardians, the world's tallest geode pair: 

Apart from crystals, the gardens also have a Bamboo Avenue:

A Rose Quartz sphere that spins daily:

A Rose Quartz spiral:

As well as a Rose Quartz table where you can wind down:

Don't forget this giant Rose Quartz crystal in the Reflexology Path.

Inside the Crystal Castle is the Lotus Cafe (where they also serve vegan and vegetarian options). 

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Every corner of this garden is stunning.

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