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Eiffel Tower Facts Every Honorary French Girl Should Know

Paris is always a good idea.
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Let's be real: Few landmarks are as mesmerizing as the Eiffel Tower. It's arguably why every girl wants to visit Paris—you know, apart from the cheese, baguettes, and pastries (yes, we always think about food). But what do you really know about France's most recognizable tourist attraction?

1. Gustave Eiffel isn't the designer. 

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Yes, Gustave named the tower, but it was actually his employees who designed the Parisian beauty: Maurice Koechlin and Emile Nouguier. They were both engineers, and they were the ones who teamed up with architect Stephen Sauvestre

2. Maurice Koechlin also designed the Statue of Liberty. 

Eiffel's firm was asked to handle the building of the famous New York landmark. To prove his talent, Maurice Koechlin designed Lady Liberty first. The Eiffel Tower came after. 

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3. Names of French scientists and engineers are engraved on the Tower. 

72 names, to be exact. It was a way to honor all the known French professionals during the 19th century. They were temporarily covered up, but thanks to a restoration effort, the names are visible again. 

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4. The Eiffel Tower was only supposed to last 20 years. 

The plan was to enter the tower in a contest called World's Fair as a way to show off France's "industrial prowess." But Eiffel placed an antenna and telegraph transmitter inside so the government decided to keep it because it became too valuable to demolish. 

5. Hitler wanted to destroy the Tower.  

During WWII, Hitler issued an order to tear down the Eiffel Tower, but the plan fell through. THANK GOD. 

6. There's an apartment at the top!

Much like how Walt Disney built 21 Royal to entertain his important guests, Gustave Eiffel included a private apartment for himself to host celebrities and other famous people. 

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7. It moves!

When there's a storm, the Eiffel Tower sways. And apparently, when it's really hot outside, it can expand to up to seven inches. 

8. There's a post office inside. 

There's a post office near the gift shop where you can send postcards from; it'll even have a unique stamp + postmark. 

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