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This Travel Website Surprises People With Mysterious Destinations

Jubel takes you on real adventures.
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Are you looking for a real adventure?  You know, a trip without all the booking, brainstorming, or itinerary-making? Because if you’re down, Jubel can take you on a whirlwind tour around the world, but here’s the catch: you don’t get to decide where exactly.

To cater to your interests, Jubel asks you to choose a “path”: Active Nature, Party Purist, Culturist, Oceanist, Chilled Nature, or Jubeler. Jubeler is a combination of the other categories—just in case you want to dip your toes in a little bit of everything.

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Next, you fill up a survey! Here you can give them a specific location or a range of different destinations—both for places you’re dying to go to and locations you want to avoid. You can also let them know your preferred mode of transportation and type of accommodation. Of course, if you really want a surprise, you can just say you aren’t sure, and hope for the best!

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After a quick phone chat, Jubel sends you two proposals with vague descriptions of the itineraries they’ve come up for you. You pick the one you like, and then make a deposit.

A few weeks before your trip, you receive “The Jubel Pack,” which contains your flight itinerary and hotel details. When you finally get to your secret destination, Jubel continues to send you envelopes that reveal each activity or plan in an exciting way! It’s like The Amazing Race minus the anxiety, frustration, and name-calling.

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Now, we know what you’re thinking, this shit can’t be cheap. And you’re right—it’s not. In Thrillist, Jubel co-founder Jose Pablo Toscano says, “It varies between ten to 15 percent of base costs depending on how much effort is put into crafting their experience. We don't rely on hotel commission. We don't want to focus on which suppliers give us the best commission, and instead focus on giving the customer the best possible experience.”

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