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Pinoy Nicknames You Probably Wouldn't Use Abroad If You Had Them

Especially if they mean something else in another country.

Pinoy nicknames can be funny, weird, or bizarre to foreigners, especially to the English-speaking lot. Our parents have a knack for giving us terms of endearment based on their favorite things, places, or people, and it can be a little embarrassing to be named after someone famous. Or to be named after what you are.

Here are the nicknames you probably wouldn't use in English-speaking countries if you could use your full name as an alternative. And if you don't have an alternative name? Panindigan mo na lang! You shouldn't be ashamed of your real name, no matter what people think! 


Maybe this name won't suit well anywhere in the world if you don't want people thinking of doorbells or small penises. (Unless of course you look like Dingdong Dantes, who is the only human being who can get away with the name, TBH.)


Well, it would be awkward if you were already in your 60s and someone still calls you "Baby" or starts teasing you with "Oldie" 'cos you're not longer a baby. It's also weird 'cos you could easily think people are hitting on you, and 'cos people are most likely to pretend like they're flirting with you when they say your name. Hay.

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These names are normal to us here in the Philippines, but repeated syllables sound off to other people who don't hear or use them in their language. It's entertaining hearing foreigners say them, though!


The running irony/joke of your life would be your name and if you're actually boyish. #ExistentialDilemma


If you were a boy and your name were "Boy," you'd be like Captain Obvious to everyone. Sobrang creative talaga ng parents mo, LOL.


If you got haters, they'd probably say shit like "You should've been named 'Ugly.'" And what if you don't feel pretty? You'll just be calling attention to how unattractive you feel, and that sucks. :( 

Queen Elizabeth/Angelina Jolie/Bruce Lee/Michael Jordan/Padme Amidala/anything else after a famous person's name.

People will either LOL in front of you or try to stifle their laughter and fail; you don't know which is worse. Thanks, 'nay. Thanks, 'tay.

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Yes, you're the princess or queen in your parents' lives and they must've had high hopes for you, hence naming you after royalty. But not everybody will get that. Mean people are just going to think how much of a feelingera you are, as if you chose your name. But you know what, WERQ it, girl, ano ba pakialam nila

Cherry Pie

It's not every day people in other countries meet someone named after food. 


This classic Pinay nickname will be mispronounced by so many people! Americans are going to make that short /a/ sound like a long /a/, and your name, or rather, the way they say your name, couldn't be more awkward. But you know what? Hearing a foreigner say "Inday" is actually quite amusing. ;) 

Have you used these nicknames abroad? What are other names you can think of to add to this list? Share them with us in the comments section!

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