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Pocket WiFis You Can Rent For Your Next Trip So You Won’t Get Lost

Admit it, you need to be connected 24/7.
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Remember when pocket WiFis weren’t a thing yet and you had to rely on ridiculously expensive roaming charges (and occasional free WiFi spots) to navigate your way through a foreign country when traveling? You could connect to the airport WiFi once you land, just long enough to tell your family that you've reached your destination, but once you step out, you're pretty much on your own. Is your airport transfer bringing you to the right hotel? You'll never know until you get there! It was a time before Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, and Telegram—you had to send long texts to your family to make sure your roaming charges were at least sulit.

These days, it’s almost impossible to hop on a plane without a pocket WiFi/mobile hotspot/portable WiFi packed in your bags. (Airbnbs even offer them as freebies when you rent their properties.) Those little devices can literally save you when you're out exploring. Trust that you'll need one (or two if you're traveling with a big group!) to help you keep your social media feeds updated, book rides, translate foreign phrases and menus, call and message your ~*lost*~ friends, and, most importantly, navigate your way around your destination.


Here, we rounded up pocket WiFi rental options when coming from the Philippines:

1. Flytpack

Flytpack covers a huge number of countries around the world. Rental rates start as low as P300 per day, and can go up to P700 per day. You can have the router delivered to your home or office and you can also pick it up from their HQ. After your trip, if you chose a courier service, they'll pick up the router from where they delivered it. And if you chose to pick it up yourself, you'll have to return it as well.

Where you can use them: Asia, Middle East, Europe, South America, Africa, Oceania, and North America. You can see the full list of countries here

Price Range: P300/day-P700/day

How to book: Check out their website here. Make sure to book at least five days before you fly out.

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2. Big Sky Nation

Pocket WiFis or portable hotspots are just some of Big Sky Nation's offerings. (You can rent other gadgets like GoPros, Instax cameras, and drones from them, too!) Unlike other WiFi rentals that only give you one option, however, Big Sky Nation has different pocket WiFi packages you can choose from—from the more affordable 3G connections to the premium 4G LTE but unlimited connections. 

Where you can use them: Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. You can see the full list of countries here.

Price Range: P340/day-P640/day

How to book: Check out their website here. It would be best to book at least five days before your flight.


3. My PAL Roam

The next time you take a flight on our flag carrier, you might want to consider renting their pocket WiFi, too. The My PAL Roam offers unlimited data wherever you are in the world, and can handle up to five devices at a time. 

Where you can use them: Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, South Pacific, and Middle East. You can see the full list of countries here.

Price Range: P290/day-P390/day 

How to book: Book via their website here.


4. Cherry Roam

From the makers of Cherry Mobile phones, Cherry Roam provides high-speed 4G/LTE connection in over 100 countries. Each device can accommodate up to five devices at a time. It would be best to book your device at least five days before your departure for safety. 

Where you can use them: Asia, South Asia, USA & Canada, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Sout America, China, Australia, Guam, and Saipan. See the full list of countries here

Price Range: Rates vary depending on where you're going and how many days you'll be there. See the full list of rates here. 

How to book: Book via their website here. 


5. Smart Travel WiFi

Save on roaming fees and book a Smart Travel WiFi the next time you jet off somewhere. It's available for rent for both Smart and non-Smart subscribers. If you're a Smart Postpaid subscriber, you can skip using your credit card to pay and instead opt for the rental and usage fees to be charged to your monthly bill. 

Where you can use them: Americas, Europe, Asia, South Pacific, Africa, and Middle East. See full list of countries here

Price Range: Prices start at P350 daily. 

How to book: Book via their website here.


6. Klook 

While Klook isn't exclusively a WiFi rental brand, the platform offers a wide variety of options for travelers. Just search for your destination on their website or app and you'll be presented with different options. Book through Klook and you'll be given a voucher that you'll need to claim the devices, which are usually available for pick up and return at airports. Another option they offer are local sim cards if you prefer that. 

Where you can use them: Asia, Europe. 

Price Range: P59/day-P329/day; Klook almost always has promos and sales, so be sure to keep checking the site before you leave to see if they have good deals available for your trip. 

How to book: Book via their website here.

What other things should I know about renting pocket WiFis?

  • Security deposit fees - Most WiFi rental services require security deposit fees on top of your rental and data fees. Security deposit fees usually range from P1,000 and above. They do this just to make sure that you take care of the devices. Once you return the device in good condition, they'll refund your deposit fees after a few days. Also, some brands offer insurance for the devices for a minimal fee. If you want to be 100% safe, we highly recommend you purchase it as well. 
  • Mode of payment - You'll need either a debit card or credit card when booking these devices. Not a lot of brands offer cash payment options. 
  • Data usage - Before you hit "book," make sure to read the fine print on your rental. Read how much data you can consume daily, so you won't get agitated once you notice your internet slowing down. 
  • What if I'm traveling to multiple countries? This is something you have to clarify with the provider. There are some that offer packages for multiple countries—particularly in Europe—while some don't. Make sure you clarify this first before booking! 
  • Lead time for booking - Most providers prefer that you book at least a week before your scheduled departure. But if you have last-minute travel plans, try calling the companies to ask they could possibly accommodate your request. 

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