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19 Spots To Check Out In Puerto Galera In 2019

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Just a skip away from Manila, Puerto Galera is surprisingly easy to get to, making it the perfect spontaneous getaway. Despite its reputation for being a party beach, this port town has so much more to offer. If you’re willing to explore beyond the comforts of popular White Beach, you’ll discover tons of hidden gems, such as refreshing waterfalls, historic sites, stunning mountain views, delicious food, and more.

  1. Tamaraw Falls

    Puerto Galera is known for its lively beaches. But if you need a break from saltwater, check out the local waterfalls. Tamaraw Falls is a can’t-miss site. At 423-feet high, it is one of the tallest and most impressive on the island. If you’re feeling adventurous, skip the package tour and head to the falls on your own via motorbike or public transportation. That way, you’ll get to enjoy the falls at your own pace.

  2. Mount Malasimbo

    You can climb Mount Malasimbo on foot, which takes about four to five hours. Or, if you’re a motorsport enthusiast, you have the opportunity to take an ATV or dirtbike through the unpaved roads winding up the mountain. Either way, you will be rewarded with a rejuvenating dose of nature, and panoramic views of Puerto Galera.
  3. Underwater Cave

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    Located on San Antonio Island in the Puerto Galera lagoon, the famed Underwater Cave requires visitors to climb jagged rocks before making it to the opening. So, it’s not ideal for you to bring fragile equipment. Instead, leave the gadgets behind and take in Mindoro’s natural beauty completely unplugged!
  4. Mangrove Cove Villas

    In search for an island getaway in a quiet resort on a hill that slopes into the sea? Mangrove Cove Villas has been described by reviewers as a healing place perfect for rejuvenation and self-healing. The resort also gives guests a chance to commune with nature through various water activities, as well as peaceful beachside lounging.
  5. Tukuran Falls

    Tukuran Falls is a bit harder to get to than Tamaraw Falls, involving a bit of of a hike, or, if you choose, a carabao ride. Still, the trip is worth it! The breathtaking waterfalls and refreshing swimming hole is home to dragonflies and butterflies, making a dip in the cool waters feel like a scene straight out of a fairytale! This peaceful place is flanked by rocks that get very slippery in the rain, so it’s best to travel here during the summer.
  6. Tukuran Hanging Bridge

    Just outside of Tukuran Falls is the Tukuran Hanging Bridge, which is also known as the Caldara Hanging Bridge. This wobbly walkway crosses a river, connecting a local village to the mainroad. It offers tourists a great opportunity to take photos, see local life, and even face their fear of heights!

  7. El Galleon

    Puerto Galera is full of world-class dive resorts. But even then, El Galleon stands out for its modern amenities and high-quality service. Ideal for dive veterans and beginners alike, the resort offers dives in coral gardens, wrecks, reef walls, and more. It also provides non-dive experiences such as kayaking and beach-hopping.
  8. Aninuan Beach

    Pack some food, a good book, some sunscreenand spend the day in the remote, undeveloped, and relatively crowd-free Aninuan Beach. With clear waters and soft sand, this is an idyllic beach that ranks high among visitors’ favorite destinations in Puerto Galera. An added bonus is that despite being isolated, it is also fairly close to the action of White Beach.
  9. Aninuan Falls

    If you’re looking for an adventurous trek, head towards Aninuan Falls at the foot of Mount Malasimbo. Travelers can get a ride to the jump-off point, after which tey can follow any of the multiple trails towards the falls. Or, for the extra-adventurous, it is possible to walk from White Beachprovided you’re willing to traverse road, streams, and even mountainside staircases. Either way, you’ll end up in refreshing waters surrounded by vibrant flora and fauna.
  10. Luca’s Cucina Italiana

    Despite being tucked away on the far edge of town, Luca’s is surprisingly crowded every night of the week. But once you try the authentic Italian fare, you’ll understand why. Made with fresh ingredients, and served in an al fresco dining area a stone’s throw away from the water, the food at Luca’s is just part of this institution’s appeal. The view and the vibrant atmosphere will keep you coming back as well.

  11. Puerto Galera Yacht Club

    Whether you’re into sailing or just taking in the relaxing view of boats in harbor, the Puerto Galera Yacht Club is a great place to enjoy the best of land and sea. If you’re interested, the club also offers three-day sailing courses to non-members. And even if you never step into the club, you can find spot at any of the bayside restaurants or cafes that overlook water, and watch the yachts sail about.
  12. Pebble Beach

    Everyone loves a white powder beach, but there is something charming and peaceful about a beach with smooth, gravelly sand. And serenity is exactly what you get at Puerto Galera’s Pebble Beachespecially since there is a beach-wide ban on food and drinks, meaning virtually no litter on the sand and in the water.
  13. Tamaraw Beach Resort

    If you’re looking for a quiet resort that is still close enough to the action of White Beach, check out Tamaraw Beach Resort. This well-equipped beachfront hotel has historically been a popular destination for families. But in recent years, it has upgraded its amenities, making it great for a low-key romantic getaway, or even an indulgent solo trip.
  14. Boquete Island Sandbar

    The sand barthat connects Paniquian Island (also known as Boquete Island) to mainland Mindoro is one of the most picturesque sights in Puerto Galera. The powdery isthmus disappears under high tide, turning the peninsula into an island, and joining the waters of Muelle Bay and Little Balateros Cove. So be sure to visit when the tide is out.
  15. Mangyan Village

    Every Puerto Galera visitor should learn about Mindoro’s indigenous Mangyan people, and if possible, visit their villages at the foot of Mount Malasimbo to learn about their culture and history. There, you witness and participate in their weaving tradition. You’ll even have a chance to take home souvenirs such as baskets or beer holdersall crafted by local artisans. By visiting this village, you will be supporting this indigenous group’s cultural preservation as well as economic sustainability!
  16. Puerto Galera Excavation Museum

    For a deeper understanding of the area’s history, check out the Puerto Galera Excavation Museum, which is located on the grounds of the Immaculate Conception Church in the town proper. This modest exhibit displays burial jars, pottery, weapons, and other artifacts that date back to the 15th century. There are even some items from a sunken merchant vessel whose lore continues to attract divers hoping to discover more lost treasures.

  17. Haligi Beach

    This little cove provides the ideal environment for snorkeling. With its pristine waters and variegated coral, you’ll be able to see the unique sea life that Mindoro has to offer. This destination is usually offered as part of island hopping experiences, so keep an eye out for it when considering your options.
  18. Badladz Beach Resort

    Badladz is known to be a dive resort, attractive to scuba enthusiasts because it is far from the party beaches, but still right on the water. However, this resort is more than just a place for divers to rest between excursions. It’s also home to some of the best food on the island. While its menu showcases familiar international fare, its Mexican food in particular is to die for. After an active day frolicking in the sea, Badladz’s restaurant is the perfect place to restore your energy.

  19. Friday’s Puerto Galera

    Set in the UNESCO-protected lagoons of Muelle Bay, Friday’s Puerto Galera is one of the most beautiful resorts to stay at in the area. For vacationers interested in a restful and indulgent getaway, the luxe amenities and striking natural surroundings of this resort make for an unforgettable escape.

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