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Here's What A P1.5M-A-Night Hotel Room Looks Like

Hint: There's a lot of gold.
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If you thought flying at $21,000 a seat was fancy AF, just wait until you see what you get at a hotel that costs $30,000 (P1.5 million) a night.

In a sneak peek at the special series Josh Gates: After Dark, the Travel Channel's Josh Gates gets a tour of the very luxurious suite that Kim Kardashian and other celebrities have stayed in when in Dubai—and with that price tag, it's just as over the top and luxurious as you'd expect.

"This is the Royal Bridge Suite at The Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai," he says in the video. "Even the soap in this place is made out of 14K gold bling."

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According to the hotel's website, the suites begin at 924 square meters and feature panoramic views and three sizable bedrooms. To top it all off, the hotel itself is smack dab in the middle of the largest artificial island on the planet, which means those panoramic views were literally designed to be flawless.

"The entire island is artificial," Gates continues. "It's known as the Palm Jumeirah and when seen from above, it is actually the shape of an enormous palm tree."

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If it's good enough for the Kardashians, then it's definitely good enough for the rest of us plebeians.

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