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Outdoor Activities To Do In Seoul When You Visit During Spring

Plus, the one seasonal food you *need* to eat!
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While the months from March to May have us Filipinos sweltering in the summer heat, it's springtime in South Korea—a lovely season when the weather slightly warms up and flowers are in full bloom. If you happen to find yourself in Seoul during these months, why not deviate from the usual itinerary by spending some time outdoors to enjoy the season?

1. See the cherry blossoms on display

Take a walk (and maybe snap an OOTD) at Yeouido Park during the Yeongdeungpo Yeouido Spring Flower Festival. While this year's festival may have come and gone (from April 1 to 9, specifically), you can still book that last-minute trip as the flowers will still be there until May.

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Also, we're not lying when we say that the park is 100 percent Instagram-worthy! It has an impressive array of flora, including "13 types of 87,859 spring flowers… such as the azalea, forsythias, royal azaleas, bridal wreaths, and deutzia." The pink hues will be perfect for your feed!

How to get there: Yeouido Station (Seoul Subway Line 5), Exit 3

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2. Have a picnic in Ilsan Lake Park

A trip to Korea isn't complete without a food trip—make it more seasonal with a picnic in Ilsan Lake Park for one ~*chill*~ afternoon. And while technically outside Seoul, Ilsan is accessible via the Seoul subway! You can see cherry blossoms here, and the man-made lake makes it look like you're in a romantic fairytale. Just don't forget to bring a mat and your food, because there aren't nearby restaurants around!

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Oh, and for all you K-drama fans out there, if this park seems familiar, that's because it was a filming site for the popular 2013 drama My Love From the Star. If only we had our own Do Min Joon to eat chimaek with! 

How to get there: Jeongbalsan Station (Seoul Subway Line 3), Exit 2

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3. Bike along the Han River in Hangang Park

Hangang Park runs along the Han River, making it the best site for biking. The rental price costs roughly 3,000 to 6,000 won for an hour, depending on the type of bike you're renting. And yes, you and bae can go for tandem bikes! ;) 

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If biking isn't your thing, the park has other features as well. As the representative people's park, the area is composed of 12 districts, each with their own unique characteristics and activities. For example, both Yeouido and Jamsil districts have ferry cruise services; Ttukseom district has windsurfing, water-skiing, and other leisure sports; and Mangwon district has tennis and basketball courts. So choose a district that fits you! 

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How to get there: Cheonho Station (Seoul Subway Line 5, 8), Exit 1

4. Be transported to different worlds in Gyeongui Line book street

If you get tired of the bustling streets of Hongdae, make your way to the nearby Gyeongui Line book street, a new initiative by the district to promote reading in Seoul. Fashioned just like a train, the 250-meter long book booths consist of 14 cabins, each with different themes like literature, humanities, children's books, and travel.

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The area also has interesting installations, and holds occasional art exhibits and other kinds of cultural programs. Most of the books are in Hangul but the area itself makes it a serene place to chat and enjoy the spring weather.

How to get there: Hongik University Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 6

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5. Hike it up!

For those on the adventurous side, I suggest you try hiking. The most famous hiking site in Seoul is Bukhansan National Park, which offers short, easy hikes to longer, more challenging trails, depending on your level of experience. 

Why not try one out for a change? It will be nice to get out of the city, be treated to breathtaking views, and even make a few local friends.  

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How to get there: Gireum Station (Seoul Subway Line 4), Exit 3

BONUS: Eat anything with strawberries

This isn't exactly an outdoor activity, but we just had to include it! Strawberries come in season in spring (and are best from March to mid-April!), so this is when numerous cafes and restaurants roll out their yummiest strawberry offerings. Since they are only sold for a limited time, why not indulge in a strawberry treat or two? You can even bring some to your picnic!

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