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What To Do When You're Bored And It's Too Hot Outside

You don't have to be totally miserable.

We're sure you've noticed that it's been getting gradually hottersummer na talaga. But this doesn't mean that you have to stay at home and be anti-social just to beat the heat. Ahead are 10 ways you can still enjoy summer time, even if it means sweating a little:

1. Drive to the nearest beach and catch some rays. 

Anilao is waiting, babe. 

2. Halo-halo date, anyone?

Hop in your car and find the nearest Razon's. *drools*

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3. Movie marathon!

Beauty and the Beast is still out, and we've only heard great things about Kong: Skull Island

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4. Host a water balloon fight. 

Cool off and have a blast!

5. Three words: indoor ice skating!

Don't know how? Well, it's the perfect time to learn! ;)

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6. Spend an afternoon in the National Museum.

It's free, which makes it worth the drive. 

7. Or check out the National Planetarium.

It's also free, but only until the end of April. 

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8. Hang out in a board game cafe. 

We recommend Snacks and Ladders or Laruan Atbp

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