Where Is The Magical Island Of Themyscira In 'Wonder Woman?'

You'll want to go to there.
PHOTO: Wonder Woman/Warner Bros. Pictures

Pack your bags, because we're all about to take flight to the land of our favorite superhero!

To find the perfect location to shoot Themyscira, the island home of the Amazons in Wonder Woman and the birthplace of Wonder Woman herself, the movie's producers searched all over the world. Finally, they landed on three ~dreamy~ locations in southern Italy. Gawk at them and then plan your vacations ASAP.

The first of the locations is a seaside town called Marina di Camerotafeast your eyes on its glory:

While in Marina di Camerota, the cast and crew stayed at a resort called Happy Village. Executive producer Rebecca Steel Roven told Cosmopolitan.com, "All of the Amazons were staying there, [and] all of the crew, and [everybody] had their families with them. It was just an amazing thing to wake up every day and walk down to the beach, and there's all these incredible, strong, capable women on horses in front of and behind the camera. And of course, you know, amazing men too. It was really spectacular. We all became very, very close."

Um? Sign me up! Check out the resort:

Oh, and want proof the Amazons were kicking it at the Happy Village? Ask and ye shall receive:

They also recreated Themyscira in Ravello, Italy:

And Matera, Italy:

And here's Wonder Woman herself in Matera!

And an Amazon, too!

So, when can I expect a package tour of all these locations? Warner Bros., let's make it happen! I am ready to become an Amazon.

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