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Road To Plantita: These Videos Will Help You Start Your Home Garden Project

We totally support your newest obsession.

During this quarantine, we’ve all picked up at least one new hobby. For a lot of us, it’s obviously cooking, but for some, it’s been growing plants and building home gardens. There are many benefits to adding plants to your homes—boosting productivity, improving your health physically and mentally, etc.—and it’s just so soothing to be surrounded by greenery.

If building your own home garden is high up in your to-do list or you’re just genuinely curious about everyone’s new favorite hobby, here are some videos we found to help you fulfill your plantita plans:

How To Keep Your Home Plants Alive

How To Water Indoor Plants

Low Maintenance House Plants

Air Purifying Indoor Plants

Plant Propagation For Beginners

How To Care For Indoor Plants

What Plant Is Right For My Space?

Plant Collection Tour

Houseplant Tour

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