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14 Things You Can Do On Valentine's Day That's Not A Date

Flying solo this V-Day? We gotchu.
Valentine's Day plans/activities to try

Valentine's Day is only a few days away and by now, I'm guessing you've either already made plans and are excited to celebrate or you haven't really thought about it yet. TBH, I'm part of the latter. You see, I'm a certified NBSB. So if you ask me what I'm gonna do this February 14, nothing really ~extra special~ comes to mind. No date this V-Day? That's perfectly fine! If like me, you're flying solo, keep reading for some activities you can do on your own (or puwede rin with your barkada). 

  1. Try cooking.

    Challenge yourself to a kitchen experiment! Make your own kimchi for your next K-drama night or see if you can recreate some celebrity pasta recipes.

  2. Make a cocktail.

    Staying in? Treat yourself to a boozy drink (or two). Click here for some easy cocktail recipes.  Cheers!  

  3. Declutter and organize.

    This Valentine's Day, spark joy. Get rid of all your unnecessary abubot at home and prioritize space for the essentials.

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  4. Go online shopping.

    Nothing beats the feeling of clicking that *add to cart* button. If you're looking for a sign on whether or not you should check out that item (or itemsss), ito na 'yon. You deserve it!

  5. Have a movie/TV series marathon.

    This one's a classic suggestion, lol. Grab your go-to snack and watch your favorite movies and/or TV series. You can even invite your friends to join you for a Netflix party. 

  6. Start a Spotify Group Session.

    If you're not in the mood for a movie or K-drama, try listening to music instead. There's even an option now on Spotify where you can listen with friends in real time. Check out our curated Single Girl's Valentine's Day playlist.

  7. Plan a game night.

    Call your friends or fam and invite them to a virtual game night. You can play fun online games like Drawasaurus and Codenames.

  8. Go on a virtual museum tour.

    Get the chance to see art galleries and museums in the comfort of your own home. There's the online exhibit of the Presidential Museum and Library and Filipina Heritage Library, to name a few. If want something more international, check out the online tours of the Louvre Museum.

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  9. Exercise.

    Get your body moving and release those ~happy hormones~! Hype yourself up with some dance workout videos.

  10. Have a DIY photo shoot at home.

    You don't really need a professional photographer and fancy equipment to get great pics of yourself. Here are some tips and tricks on how you can do it yourself. Take those selfies and post 'em online. 

  11. Watch a mini concert.

    This is actually one of my favorite YouTube channels when I want to listen to music. They have mini concerts by artists like Dua Lipa, Miley Cyrus, Khalid, Daniel Caesar, and more.

  12. Visit the Garden StrEAT.

    If you happen to be in BGC, be sure to check out the alfresco dining area at Bonifacio High Street's amphitheater. Have fun choosing from the different restaurants and enjoy a safe, fresh, outdoor dining experience!

    Valentine's Day celebrations in Bonifacio High Street
  13. Watch a Valentine's Day fireworks display.

    Catch the fireworks show happening in BGC on February 14 at 7:00 p.m. Get the best view from Bonifacio High Street’s alfresco restaurants or stay at the extended dining nooks set up at 5th Avenue.

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  14. Write a love letter to yourself.

    Okay, this may sound a little cheesy, I know. But you'll feel great when you do this, promise! It's cute and a simple way to remind yourself that you are loved, no matter what. 


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