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6 Healthy Ways To Cope With All The Changes We're Experiencing

Straight from a life coach.
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Hi, how are you? No, really, how are you? Now more than ever, this simple question can make a huge impact on us. It’s been six months since lockdown and quarantine rules were put into place in the country, and it’s an understatement to say that things have been so different (and difficult) for us since.

Living through this pandemic has truly been challenging in so many ways, especially on our mental health. When it started last March, none of us thought it would last this long, and because it was the first time it happened, there was so much fear and anxiety that we couldn’t quite express. It’s been hard to understand our emotions with all the changes that we’re going through: from our daily lives at home and work.

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During a Facebook Live powered by Gynepro on September 9, 2020, Life Coach Aurora Suarez shared her six healthy ways on how you can cope with all the changes that we’re faced with.

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1. Acknowledge your feelings.

Even if it’s uncomfortable, this step is crucial to help you feel better. “Life is not just joy, it’s also pain,” Aurora reminds us. She also encourages us to try journaling, where we can be honest with our feelings. She advises to start with “I’m feeling [this way] because…” Writing down your feelings helps you acknowledge that life is not one-track. “It’s okay to hold space for all of those emotions,” she says.

2. Set boundaries.

Something a lot of us struggle with is that the lines between work and personal life have been blurred because of the work from home setup. Not all of us are privileged to have a separate work area in our homes, and that has made it extra difficult, too.

“Have rituals,” says Aurora. Doing so can help change your mindset. It could be as simple as changing out of your pajamas before timing in at work, or even just swiping on some lipstick.

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3. Ask for help.

Aurora encourages us to have conversations with our bosses, colleagues, and friends about work. If you’re dealing with mental or emotional stress, she advises to go seek professional help through a therapist, councilor, or life coach. There’s really no shame in asking for help, because you should take care of yourself.

4. Adjust your mindset.

Instead of just focusing on what’s going wrong, you can adjust your mindset. “Look at this time with curiosity instead of judgment,” she says. Instead of questioning what’s happening, you can think: “What is this trying to teach me?”

5. Celebrate small wins.

No matter how small, wins are wins. Acknowledge these little achievements in your daily life and see some good even during the bad.

6. Take it one day at a time.

“If one day is too much, take it even just one hour, or one breath at a time,” she says. “Let go of the past, it’s over. And stop worrying about the future,” she reminds us.

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You can watch the full live stream feat. Cosmopolitan Philippines Managing Editor Retty Contreras, content creator Jaz Reyes, entrepreneur Angely Dub, and Life Coach Aurora Suarez below, and learn how you can conquer all the changes we’re experiencing in life and work, even with challenges like red days:

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