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The Reason Why We Find Overly Happy People Annoying AF

There's actually a scientific reason. What a relief!

So you know that one acquaintance you can’t stand for no other reason than the fact that she is just so damn cheerful all the time? Well it turns out, you weren’t just being irrationally bitchy (what a relief)—there’s a scientific reason behind those not-so-nice thoughts. And hey, we’re not encouraging you to be Negative Nancys; after all, you can’t help how you feel, but you sure as hell can control how you act.

A study published in the journal Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes reveals that the reason why we’re so annoyed by extra-cheerful people is because they seem naïve. Accordingly, we’re apparently more inclined to take advantage of people who show signs of being too happy:

“In one experiment, the researchers gave their test subjects a chance to earn money off others by giving them biased advice—a situation somewhat analogous to a used car salesperson earning more commission by persuading a buyer to pay too much for a car. They found that their test subjects gave people who appeared to be very happy significantly more biased advice. In a separate study, they found that their test subjects were more likely to choose very happy people as negotiation partners, because they thought they would be easier to exploit."

So in this case, bliss is ignorance. 

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