Why These Adorable 2- and 3-Year-Old Sisters Have More Instagram Followers Than You

Work, work, fashion babies.

PHOTO: Love Is Photography

They might not be old enough to write hashtags themselves yet, but sisters Isabella and Scarlett Drenk are already Instagram famous. No, really. They have more than 16,000 followers and counting on their account @DrenkGirls, which is brimming with shots of the mini models and their OOTDs, which are all NYFW-level styled and really just the cutest.

The girls' mom, Orange County, California, health coach Stacy Drenk, tells Cosmopolitan.com she's always had "a passion for fashion." "I used to own and run a high-end consignment boutique," she says. "Once I had my girls, I sold the store and have continued to explore fashion with them. Whenever we dressed up, I took photos, it seemed they enjoyed it so much, I started @DrenkGirls. Soon after, I was introduced to some small shops. I know the struggle that small shops go through, having had my own, and I was delighted to use our photography fun to support both the hardworking small businesses and our need for fashion!" The sisters also enjoy taking style tips from their celebrity role models, including Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez, for example:

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Drenk is also using the platform as a way to teach her girls about charity. "We were able to giveaway over 100 American Girl Dolls last year for Christmas to children in need, [children] we met off social media," she explains. "I want my daughters to understand how empowering being selfless is." 

But as far as knowing that they're kind of a big deal on Instagram, "[the girls] really have no clue; they just know they have lots of friends," Drenk explains. "They hardly even know pictures are being taken of them, because it is such a small portion of their days, and they are naturals so it takes less than 10 minutes each shoot! We usually make sure it is followed by a fun activity like the park, swimming, or sometimes Disneyland. A lot of times these photo shoots are with their besties and then they get to have a play date afterwards."

Here are several more adorable shots of Isabella and Scarlett in their ~element~.

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