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This Woman Was Fat-Shamed At The Gym And She's So Over It

Back-handed compliments are no bueno, guys.
PHOTO: Instagram/julieanakim

For a lot of people, both men and women, weight can be a major source of insecurity. And whenever it's addressed, even if the intentions are good, thoughtless comments can have serious negative effects. Fitness blogger Julia Ana Kim can attest to that. Two years ago, Julia began her fitness journey by committing to a lifestyle change. She took up boxing and weight-lifting and completed Kayla Itsines' famous workout. Additionally, she changed her diet and started meal prepping. Julia wanted to hold herself accountable so she documented her progress on Instagram:

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Since then, she's lost 75 pounds! 

But it's not always sunshine and rainbows. Even while making steady progress, confidence isn't the easiest thing to maintain. Julia recalled an encounter she had at the gym when a man approached her to commend her for being there, despite her size. In an Instagram post, she wrote, "Today, I was at the gym with Sophie doing #gracefitguide when a man walked up to me and told me how 'proud' he was that I was there. He proceeded to tell me how brave I was for being my size and still coming to the gym. And KEPT talking and had to stop himself from calling me fat. Thank you, sir. He did, however, use his hands to motion how big I was while saying he himself couldn't imagine coming to the gym while being that big."

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She smiled through it, but cried in the bathroom later on.

He might have had really good intentions, but Julia wants everyone to remember that every person who goes to the gym wants to improve. They are there for their own specific reasons. Commenting on one's routine or progress isn't always encouraging, believe it or not. As for Julia, she's vowed to keep going to the gym and treat it as her happy place. You do you, girl!

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