7 Body Insecurities Most Women Have That Are Totally Normal

Every part of you is beautiful, CG.
PHOTO: Tamara Schlesinger

You may not be aware of this, but our insecurities control more than just our self-esteem; they dictate how we dress, what we eat, and how we interact with other people. But the thing is, most of what society declares ugly is actually 100% normal!

1. Stretch marks

Did you know that fat people and pregnant women aren't the only ones who get stretch marks? In fact, you can get them just by growing! And yet, we shell out thousands of pesos on creams and laser appointments just to make them go away, even though they'll never actually ever be completely gone. Look, how you spend your money is your prerogative—we're just letting you know that accepting your body is an option, too (and a cheaper one at that). 

2. Cellulite

95% of women have cellulite. Can you sit with that number for a minute? The only thing disturbing about that is that a good chunk of those women are probably insecure about cellulite—and there's really no reason to be. Cellulite is just stored fat. Men get cellulite, too!

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3. Arms

Raise your virtual hand if you've ever worn a cardigan or blazer even when you didn't have to, and even if it was hot as hell that day. Women tend to hide their arms because they think they're "too flabby." There's actually an entire pose dedicated to making your arms look smaller in photos: The Skinny Arm. It's when you place your hand on your hip and angle it outward. We're all guilty of it! But your arms are beautiful and strong, and they help you deal with your day-to-day life. You don't need to keep hiding them!

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4. Dark underarms

Another reason why we own too many cardigans, and why we avoid anything sleeveless! The darkness in your armpits is caused by shaving, hair removal creams, too much sweating, alcohol-based deos, and tight clothing. So, actually, the more you wear clothes that hide your underarms, the more you're causing that area to darken. It's time you exercise your right to bare (under)arms! :P

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5. Body hair

Repeat after us: you have no control over where hair grows on your body. ZERO. Say this to yourself every single time you get shamed for having hairy arms or every time you have to fight the urge to shave your whole body. You don't have to. You can, but you don't have to. You're normal and your hair is normal. 

6. Boobs

Boobs, like women, come in all shapes and sizes. A pair doesn't even have to be the same size as each other, so how can anyone expect to have the same perfect and perky pair as what we see in the media? Embrace your lady bits! 

7. Lips

Be you in a world run by Kylie and her lip kits. Lippies are for everyone, even if you don't look like a Kardashian. 

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