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Women Vandalize This Beach Body Ad To Promote A Positive Self-Image

Are you beach body ready?! Wait. What IS a beach body?

The phrase “beach body” gets thrown around a lot these days, especially since it’s summer and beach getaways are on everyone’s minds. (Hello, LaBoracay!) But what does it even mean? Protein World, a dietary supplement maker, put up ads all over London Underground last week showing a slim and toned woman beside text stating, “ARE YOU BEACH BODY READY?” Many women found this beach body “unrealistic.” So they began vandalizing the ads to teach Protein World what a beach body really is.

Photos of the vandalized ads were posted, shared, and retweeted on social media.


“Your body is not a commodity.”

“Stop encouraging women to starve themselves.”

"No and I'm sick of attempting to follow an unattainable standard of beauty!"


“If a body is on a beach, then it is ready. Thank you very much.”

Some even decided to protest by posing by the ad.

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And what’s Protein World’s response to the backlash?

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Not exactly the most diplomatic response from its PR. Arjun Seth, Protein World CEO, even labels these vandals “terrorists.”

Thousands have petitioned to take down the ad, but Seth will only mind it if the petition reaches a million signatures.