You Guys, There's A 'Traffic Crisis' In Cebu Of 'Public Calamity Magnitude'

This is according to a resolution that the Cebu provincial board passed this week.
PHOTO: Pixabay

The Cebu provincial board passed a resolution declaring a “traffic crisis” in Metro Cebu that is of “public calamity magnitude” earlier this week, according to In the resolution, the board urged the national government to fast-track infrastructure projects to address the traffic in Metro Cebu. These projects include the proposed Bus Rapid Transit and train system.

Cebu Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia said she is focusing on “what can be done” at the moment, according to One possible solution is to create roundabouts or U-turn slots instead of traffic lights at intersections to keep vehicles moving. “This does not take billions [of pesos] in infrastructure nor will it take two years to implement; this can immediately be done.”

Cebu provincial board Glenn Soco, who authored the resolution, cited a Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) study that estimated economic losses at P1.1 billion daily due to traffic in Cebu. 

In comparison, JICA reported losses of P3.5 billion a day due to traffic in Metro Manila last year, according to CNN Philippines. “If we do nothing, it will become P5.4 billion a day in 2035, but with the [Build, Build, Build, Program], it will be reduced to P3 billion a day. With additional projects, it will be reduced to P2.4 billion a day,” said JICA Philippines Office Chief Representative Susumu Ito. 

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