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ICYDK, You Now Have To Dial An Extra Number When You Call Someone's Landline

This started on October 6, 2019.
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In case you missed it, every person with a landline number in Metro Manila now has to dial an ~*extra*~ digit whenever they make a call. 

This change was implemented on October 6, 2019. 

On October 27, 2017, the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) issued Memorandum Order No. 10-10-2017. This required two of the country's leading telecommunications entities—PLDT and Globe—to "address the insufficient number of assignable exchange codes."

The NTC assigned each Public Telecommunications Entity (PTE) operating within the local exchange area "02" their own identifier.

  • For PLDT, it's "8."
  • For Globe, it's "7."
  • For Bayan, it's "3."

Let's use PLDT as an example. 

This means, if your PLDT landline number is 123-4567, your *new* digits are: (8)123-4567. 

What if a relative from the province wants to call, how do they reach you? They'll have to do the usual national direct dialing procedure but still implementing the new eight-digit phone number: Dial 0 + Area Code (2) + (8)123-4567. 

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In an LDR with someone who lives outside of the Philippines? Bae now has to dial: 00 + Country Code (63) + Area Code (2) + (8)123-4567. 

But don't worry, some things didn't change. Emergency numbers like the Citizen's Complaint Hotline (8888), Emergency Hotline (911), MMDA (136), are all still the same!

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Source: Manila Bulletin