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This Filipina Is The Newest Member Of TikTok's Global Advisory Council

Congratulations, Mona!
Mona Magno-Veluz joins TikTok Advisory Council
PHOTO: Instagram/mightymagulang

We all love stories of success from our fellow Filipinas who are born to be trailblazers. Today, we celebrate Mona Magno-Veluz's recent achievement in the field of content creation.

On October 3, Tuesday, Mona announced her newest post as the sole Filipina council member of TikTok's Content and Safety Advisory Council. She is one of the Asia-Pacific members and is representing the Philippines.

The platform's advisory council aims to provide a continuously safe and inclusive space for all platform consumers and content creators.

"Beyond the civics education and history appreciation my content hopes to inspire, I am eager to contribute to making digital spaces genuine, safe, and inclusive," Mona wrote in her Facebook post.

@mightymagulang #October3 #TodayInHistory The Sangley Revolt happened in 1603. #kasaysayan #LearnItOnTiktok ? original sound - Mighty Magulang

Mona's TikTok account @mightymagulang is a verified account with more than 470,000 followers. As her bio goes, "History geek. Ninuno Hunter. Certified Tita," her content is all about history and fun educational trivia.

Aside from being a verified content creator, she is a genealogist. She is also an advocate for autism awareness in the Philippines. In fact, she is the National Spokesperson for the Autism Society Philippines.


Thank you for your dedication, Mona!

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