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President Rodrigo Duterte Is Considering Banning Single-Use Plastic

Single-use plastic is a major source of pollution.

Single-use plastic is among the top sources of pollution. According to a report by the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives, it is estimated that there are about 59.8 billion pieces of plastic sachets used in the Philippines annually. Other sources of plastic pollutants each year include 17 billion shopping bags, 1.1 billion diapers, and 16.5 billion transparent plastic bags.

With more people growing concerned about the state of our environment, it’s high time that we should do something about our plastic consumption. Because of this, President Rodrigo Duterte is considering to ban single-use plastic in the country.

Presidential spokesman Salvador Panelo said, “[President Duterte] floated the idea to ban the use of plastics, which, according to him, would require legislative action.”

President Duterte’s statement was made during a meeting that presented priority programs for the environment and climate change resiliency by the president and CEO of state-run Natural Resources Development Corp., Vernice Victorio.


At present, there are at least seven bills in the Senate and 20 bills in the House of Representatives that are seeking to regulate or ban single-use plastic products. According to a report, these proposals remain pending at the committee level.

Senators Francis Pangilinan and Cynthia Villar have each filed bills to ban single-use plastics for good. Senator Pangilinan has Senate Bill 40 which proposes to ban single-use plastics a year after the measure becomes effective and penalizes those who do not enforce it. Meanwhile, Senator Villar’s Senate Bill 333 aims to regulate the manufacture and importation of single-use plastic products.

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