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Various Women’s Rights Groups Volt In Against Misogyny On March 8

BTW, they’re inviting YOU to come and be counted.
PHOTO: Facebook/Tama Na, Sulong Kababaihan

Tomorrow marks International Women’s Day as well as the Philippines’ Day of Women’s Rights (proclamation 224 s. 1988), and the ladies are pooling together for an extraordinary show of solidarity. 

Customarily, the different women’s rights groups function separately; they hold separate events, push for specific advocacies, and even have their own preferred methods to support various women-related causes. However, this time around, they’re ditching delineation, and instead, they’re pooling together behind one common battle cry: Tama na! Sulong kababaihan!” (Enough! Onward, women!).

This unique alliance of women’s groups, network of organized women’s movements, and even simply woke women have agreed to stand united against President Rodrigo Duterte’s misogynistic behavior and remarks. And, they’re uniting together on International Women’s Day and Philippines’ Day of Women’s Rights—such an apt move that makes such bold statement, if we may say so ourselves. In case misogyny is still a mouthful for you, simply put, it’s the “dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women.” Sadly, it’s such an everyday reality for many. 

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The different women's rights groups have decided to converge at the La Madre Filipina statue at the Rizal Park (Luneta) at 4 p.m. on Friday for a united women’s action against misogyny. So, if you’re looking for a Friday ganap, are hoping to do something monumental and meaningful, or just want to be surrounded by passionate women unting for a cause, the Sulong Kababaihan group is urging you to join them.

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The group says to wear purple, bring your placards that speak your truth against misogyny, and “bring a flower (preferably a jumbo one) to represent the imagery of our vaginas to reclaim the power of women too often reduced to body parts,” says Grrrl Gang Manila, one of the many feminist groups joining the collective movement.

If you’re clueless about what kind of flower to bring, get creative. Make like a gradeschooler with a giant paper crepe flower (YouTube can show you how it’s done), paint on a large flower on your face (show off your mad makeup skills), or even draw on a huge flower pic on your umbrella. Remember: The bigger the flower, the better. 

Tomorrow, the Sulong Kababaihan alliance says, the color is neither yellow nor red. Besides, it really never has been one or the other anyway. Instead, the color of the day is purple (or white) to show impartiality and to uphold the rights of women regardless of color, creed, age, social class, or even political leanings. If you can’t be in Luneta with the rest of the girls, they’re urging all women to wear purple to be one with the collective spirit. After all, it’s all about women...and together, we bleed purple. 

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