11 Guys Reveal The Nonsexual Things They're Most Attracted To

No. 7, for real?!
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Most movies will tell you that guys are only attracted to breasts and butts, but since men are people, that can't be totally true. They're probably also attracted to, like, trivia knowledge and the ability to make smoothies, right? Right? A recent AskReddit thread prompted users to list off the nonsexual things they find totally hot, and they gladly answered. 

1. Women who have reminders written on the backs of their hands.

As someone who does this all the time, I had no idea there were men who dug it so much, or why they would. Unfortunately for us, ProfessorGigs says, "I can't explain it even if my life depended on it," so we'll never know why. Oh well. 

2. Women ignoring them. 

True, this one is probably a tale as old as time, but the way Boom_Angry tells it, it's a little more complex and sweet. He explains, "I love looking at my girlfriend when she's doing something and not paying attention to me. It's hard to describe but seeing her truly into something is attractive." That's way cuter than "I love women who don't like me at all."

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3. Ankle socks. 

I don't know if this is a schoolgirl thing, but ImDeadSeriousYo says he loves "any ankle socks" and wonders "if there is porn like that." From nonsexual to sexual in 60 seconds or less. 

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4. When women yawn or stretch. 

I've actually heard this one from a lot of my guy friends, and according to 77remix, that's because they all think it's super hot. 77remix explains, "Idk why it looks cute and attractive," but again, that's kind of the point of this list, so. 

5. The way you say their name. 

RoyalN5 doesn't say why this is hot and he doesn't have to. The way someone you're into says your name is totally hot for people of all genders. Who can say why?

6. Women who are smarter than they are. 

I have always loved a dude who can admit this is a turn-on, so thanks elhaupto for owning up to it. 

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7. Stretch marks. 

Whoa, who knew? I seriously love that Buttchuck says he loves stretch marks, especially if they're noticeable. He explains: "I tend to be into curvier girls but they look great on thinner girls too. I don't know, I feel like they just punctuate what is already sexual characteristics." Fair enough. 

8. Tall women. 

Annaphase said it and women everywhere over 5-foot-7 collectively rejoiced. 

9. Girls who are attracted to them and like them. 

Can we all start a slow clap for RandomUsername416? Cool. 

10. Girls in baseball caps. 

I totally get this one, since it's a kind of a tomboy/sporty hot thing, so good point, DiDiMISSsomethin. 

11. Chokers. 

Since I wear them every single day, I fully sport imabuffbaby's love of "a girl with a choker necklace." I see you. 

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