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10 Excuses Women Use When They Don't Want to Have Sex

Don't take it personally.

1. The EXCUSE: “I have my period.”-Anna, 24

The REAL REASON: I’m just not in the mood right now.

2. The EXCUSE: “I’m sick.”-Christine, 28

The REAL REASON: I'm watching The Vampire Diaries, so don’t disturb me.

3. The EXCUSE: “I’m tired.”-Tricia, 30

The REAL REASON: Do I have to be on top again? It’s the same thing over and over.

4. The EXCUSE: “My cousins are sleeping over this weekend.”-Lena, 23

The REAL REASON: I’m not ready to wake up next to you during weekends.

5. The EXCUSE: “I feel fat.”-Karen, 29

The REAL REASON: I ate a lot for dinner and I don’t want to barf it all out.

6. The EXCUSE: “I didn’t get to clean the condo.-Rachel, 26

The REAL REASON: I didn’t wax!

7. The EXCUSE: “Didn’t you just say that to my friend last week?”-Jessica, 24

The REAL REASON: You’re a player and I don’t sleep with jerks.

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8. The EXCUSE: “I don’t sleep with men who don’t use protection.”-Anna, 24

The REAL REASON: I don’t really trust you.

9. The EXCUSE: “I don’t feel sexy.”-Regina, 29

The REAL REASON: I’m still bloated from my period.

10. The EXCUSE: “I’m so sweaty. I just came from the gym.”-Pia, 27

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The REAL REASON: Try again tomorrow.