10 Hot Zones To Tease Your Man

Send him over the edge by creating heat on these super sensitive areas.

Warming products (think lubes) are some of the best-selling sex accessories right now. And, there’s a definite reason for that: Using any kind of heat during foreplay is pleasurable. Ian Kerner, PhD, author of He Comes Next, explains: “When you’re aroused, your body becomes more sensitive to touch. And heat—whether it’s from a lubricant or even your breath—amplifies that sensitivity by doing things like increasing blood flow.” To help you put this info to good use, we created a heat map of his body, zoning all the places that are most receptive to warmth. Then, we had experts reveal what kind of touch works best there.

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1. Chest

There are different concentrations of nerves packed into the area around his pecs. The outer chest has fewer nerves and can take higher heat, but the nipples have tons, so they require less fire. If you drizzle a warming gel over his chest and give him a rubdown, you’ll be able to control the degree of heat. See, the gel gets hotter the harder you push (it’s activated by body heat and pressure) and will cool slightly if you lighten up. On the outer edges of his pecs, use your fingers to draw wide circles, going inward until you reach each nipple. Use a firm touch at first, and soften up as you move toward the bull’s-eyes.

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2. Lower Belly

Blood flow from his abs travels straight down to his package. And by warming up the area right underneath his belly button, you instantly increase the amount of blood heading south, which will feel good and give him a harder erection. For that reason, it’s a good idea to start foreplay here before moving on to other areas. Soak a washcloth in warm water, and gently run it from his belly button to where his pubic hair starts and back again. The combo of the wet warmth and the slightly nubby texture of the cloth is unexpected—making it even more electrifying.

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3. Penis

Your mouth around his member is high on his list of favorite things. Even better? A warmed-up mouth around his member! If you swish some hot tea or water before giving him oral, you can make him especially hard and turned on because blood naturally wants to go to warm places in the body (and flees places that are cold, which is why he shrinks in chilly weather). Pause every minute or so to take another sip—this not only keeps your mouth hot but also gives you a break and prevents your jaw from getting tired. (Just make sure to keep one hand on him to maintain contact.)

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4. Testicles

Approach his boys with caution— when he’s in the mood, they’re even more hypersensitive than usual. And while too much heat will hurt, just a little will make him want to throw you down so he can get to the main event. Open your mouth wide, and breathe heavily over one ball at a time. Just don’t purse your lips and blow—an open mouth releases warm air, whereas lips that are pressed together let out a cool breeze that’ll kill his buzz.

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5. Feet

Here’s a surprising move that will get him primed for sex: Pop a pair of his socks in the microwave for 20 seconds, then slip them on him and squeeze his feet all over a few times so the heat really sinks in. It sounds a little weird, but there’s a neurological connection between the feet and groin: The area of the brain that registers feet sensations is right next to the region that controls his boners. The socks will feel heavenly on his soles…and they’ll also get him erotically energized a little higher up.

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6. Ears

The ears are a major erogenous zone due to their plethora of nerve endings and because blood rushes to the area when he’s aroused. That combo also makes them high in heat sensitivity. Straddle his back, lean down, and take one lobe between your teeth at a time, firmly closing your lips around it and sucking. On average, the inside of your mouth is 37°C, so you’ll definitely make his temperature rise.

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7. Neck

The combo of thin skin and major blood flow, thanks to some big arteries running through here, makes this spot super-sensitive to heat. But since it’s such a vulnerable area, you don’t want to overdo it. Your tongue is the perfect temperature—it remains slightly warm even when it’s not inside your mouth (test it on the back of your hand). After giving him a deep kiss, move to his throat, and lick from where his ear ends down his neck and to the middle of his collarbone. That little V is another spot that feels great because the skin there is even thinner. So, linger for a bit of licking and nibbling before heading back up toward his ear.

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8. Spine

The spinal nerve connects directly to his penis, so when you warm it, the heat shoots to his package. Plus, the nervous system that runs down either side of the spine sends arousal messages to his brain when it’s warmed up, telling it to propel blood to his package and make his pulse race. Flame his passion both physically and mentally by rubbing your bare breasts up and down the length of his backbone (put some lotion on them first so they’ll glide). Your body heat will set him ablaze.

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9. Butt

A steamy massage will set a sensual tone plus relax him since his glutes are the largest muscle in the body and store a ton of tension. While you’re both standing, start to kiss him. Meanwhile, behind his back, rub your hands together really quickly to get them hot, then start with your fingertips at the very top of his thighs and firmly move them up in a pulling motion until you reach his tailbone. Stop every few strokes to rub your hands together again so they stay the right temperature. The heat you apply to those butt muscles will feel awesome and force tight spots to loosen up.

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10. Inner Thighs

When blood flows to his shaft, the excess settles in the upper part of his thighs. Because of this, they’re almost as receptive to heat as his penis is. After you’ve gotten naked, lie in bed on your sides and, while kissing, stick one leg between his—so his thighs create a sandwich around yours—and slowly move your leg back and forth. The rubbing creates a slight friction, so you’re essentially setting his thighs on fire. Make sure to save this move until you’re ready for sex. The inferno it creates will make him unable to hold out any longer.

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