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10 Perks Of Dating Someone Your Opposite

Opposites attract. But do they stay together?

1. There’s instant attraction. We know the cliché and have experienced it ourselves. A mysterious new guy? The bad boy to our good girl? The decent man we want to be good for? How could we say no? Sexual tension is in the air, and we are intrigued.

2. There seems to be a greater chance of survival. Sure, this sounds primitive. But imagine getting stuck in a desert island! He knows what you guys need for shelter and food, while you’re the crafty one who can weave the leaves together. A more realistic scenario? How about planning your trip together? You know what the good resorts and tourist spots are, but can’t plan? Well, that’s his forte, so he’ll make the itinerary and even be in charge of the budget. You guys cover for each other, and teamwork never looked so good.

3. You learn from each other. At first both of you worried about boring the other, but soon find out that you guys are good listeners and can keep a conversation about ANYTHING going on and on and on. You tell him all about the literary industry—the who’s who, the juicy gossip, how a writer gets published. You talk about poetry and what makes a good poem. He tells you about macro- and microeconomics, which factors can assess the country’s economic growth, and game theory. Suddenly you are a well-rounded power couple! You feel like you can conquer the world! Or make babies that can!

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4. You appreciate your partner’s work. This comes from knowing how demanding your different jobs and interests are. You begin to look at one another (and those with similar work) with more respect and understanding. You know that he needs to work extra hours this week because of project proposals and presentations, and he gets why you can’t always reply to his messages during the day.

5. There’s no competition. You guys are in different fields that are totally unrelated. It’s not likely you guys will go head to head with work or even have conflict of interests. Support comes easily, especially since you guys know how hard the other’s battle is.

6. You discover new interests. Your nature lover of a partner took you hiking, and your clean-freak city-girl self…actually enjoyed it! You fell in love with the view, the flowers you saw, and the birds you heard. You took pride in reaching the peak—you’re fit enough after all! Now you look forward to more hikes and camps with him, and consider going off on your own, too.

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7. Good communication becomes a skill. It can’t be helped that something about your partner will bother you. You have loads of differences, after all. Confronting him about things that make you uncomfortable will train you to articulate yourself well, so you won’t beat around the bush but you’ll also be tactful. You’ll also figure out which issues to bring up, and realize which aren’t issues after all.

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8. Compromising becomes second nature to you. He loves to go out and drink with his buddies? Fine. But you tell him he can’t drive afterwards, when he’s drunk. And he has to tell you when he’s home. Going out with your guy friends is making him uncomfortable? Tell him you’ll invite your girl friends (and actually invite them). Or text him every now and then when you’re out with them. Both of you are pros at this, so you have a well-balanced relationship. You have your own lives, but stay committed to each other.

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9. You heed the greater call to love. Nothing tests love more than disagreements and your choice to accept your partner for who he is. It’s not up to you to stop him from playing videogames or clubbing, or make him start working out with you. Those should come from him (and his love for you). You’ll find that there’s more to him than his interests, so you accept him even when it’s difficult.

10. You grow. Being with someone whose ideas, hobbies, and skills vary from yours gives you a new perspective on life and deepens your own. Maybe you’ll even have a new lifestyle! If you let yourself, you’ll learn to harmonize all those little differences you and your partner have. You remember they brought you two together in the first place. You can’t imagine a future without him, since you’ve gotten so much from each other and adapted well with all his the quirks and intricacies. And you love him.

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