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10 Real Guys Tell Us What They Really Find Beautiful

Do you ever wonder whether guys dig your new highlights or bombshell-red lips? We ask 10 guys to spill what makes them look, what makes them fall, and what makes them a goner for you.

Who here is guilty of maintaining a long mane just to please her guy? Do you wear red lipstick when heading out because you think it draws men to you like bees to honey? You're not alone--many girls primp with the goal of catching a guy's eye.

In keeping with this month's beauty theme, we sought to find out what guys really zone in on in a girl's looks. Do they go for fair-skinned femmes or dusky beauties? Do they dig that expensive new dye job of yours or wish you had kept your locks au naturel? What do they notice when they first lay eyes on you, and when they like what they see, are they capable of falling in love, just like that? And when all is said and done, what really pulls them in and makes them a goner for you?

We asked 10 real guys to give their two cents on such crucial beauty concerns. And while their answers may vary as much as their professional backgrounds, one thing's for sure: to men, it's not enough that you've got a pretty face; you've got to have the personality to go with it.


Click through the gallery to see their answers! (Pay close attention to the last question; some of these replies will make you go awww.)

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