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10 Signs You're Dating A Bad Boy

Your parents disapprove of your relationship.

1. Most of your dates center around getting wasted. If he needs to be intoxicated when he’s around you, that’s an easy red flag. A case of beer and whiskey shots in lieu of fine dining: so romantic! Puking his guts out after drunken-arguing with you, not so much.

2. He likes guns, Harleys, and tattoos.  Ah, yes, the triumvirate of a convict in the making.

3. He has a criminal record. He’s been in jail before–most probably for dealing weed in his younger years–and was bailed out by his loaded parents. But if he was in the big house for something violent like rape or murder, it might be best to pack your bags, change your identity, and go into hiding. 

4. He doesn’t respond well to authority. He struts his stuff like he’s a bawwws. And this is the top reason he can’t seem to hold down a decent job.

5. Every time you’re in his car you feel like you’re in a Fast and Furious movie. Never mind that you’re in the vehicle with him, riding shotgun, and are afraid for your life. He just wants to be a rebel, run that red light, and act like an a-hole.

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6. Your parents disapprove of your relationship. Mom and dad usually have an on-point instinct when it comes to the men in your life. So don’t easily dismiss their cold shoulder during family gatherings as parental stubbornness. They actually might be on to something.  

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7. You feel the need to change him and his ways. Ah, the Messianic Complex–it’s every good girl’s problem when dealing with a guy that isn’t of familiar territory. First it starts with the exterior, swapping his ripped jeans for preppy chinos. Then comes the language, schooling him on the inappropriateness of his “Fuck yous.” Then you pick at his interests and activities, scolding him for late night drinking binges and hangouts with the boys. It’s okay to hone the good in someone, but girl, if you need to do a personality overhaul, why are you even dating him in the first place?

8. When you guys are out in public, you fear he’ll get into a fight. So you’re not able to wear fancy earrings. The terror of having them ripped from your ears mid-scuffle is real. 

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9. All his friends are either hoodlums, burnouts, or douchebags. Whenever you’re with his friends, you feel like their mom, which is never good. Not only does their immaturity make you feel old, they judge you for not wanting to partake in whatever juvenile  

10. People always question your relationship. “Why are you even with him?” or “Are you sure about this?” or even “Why settle when you can do so much better?” are some of the queries that litter your conversations with friends and family alike. Either they’re just haters or you seriously need to reevaluate your relationship. 

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