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10 Ways Movie Relationships Don't Happen IRL

You didn't really think Jack and Rose would've fallen for each other in real life, did you?

While we love our chick flicks, with their irresistible plot twists and irresistible male stars, we can’t help but feel that the logic behind some movie romances is just, well, whack. Here, we list 10 things that make us think that Hollywood might be pulling our leg in the love department.

1. Two people who are totally different have little chance of getting together, much less falling for each other.
Aristocratic Rose and penniless Jack fall in love against all odds, and it’s heart-wrenching to behold. But IRL, would these two even get past a few exchanged looks?

 2. Strangers who proposition you out of the blue are creepy.
We can’t even share public transport with a stranger without feeling iffy about personal space; imagine how freaked out we’d be if he invited us to get off the train with him. (Yes, even if he’s this cute.)

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 3. Supernatural beings are not desirable.
Edward Cullen, R from Warm Bodies, even Edward Scissorhands—assuming these creatures exist, we bet you’d be fleeing in terror away from them, not dying to go out with them. Pun intended.

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4. Airports and airplanes are hardly romantic.
If movies are to be believed, these spots are prime locations for professing one’s love. Here’s a better idea: don’t wait ‘til the love of your life is about to board before doing so.

5. John Cusack and his boombox would get shouted down IRL.
A teenage boy blasting a love song from his boombox outside your house at the crack of dawn? Each grand gesture has its challenges—in this case, it’s your dad demanding he get off the damn lawn.

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6. No male friend worth his salt would allow himself to fall for his best friend’s girl.
We adore Love Actually’s Mark to bits, but hello, bro code?

7. Cinderella stories are just that—fairy tales.
Julia Roberts makes it look easy, but IRL, it takes a hell of a lot more than a new wardrobe and a classy hairstyle to get Prince Charming to love the girl with baggage.

8. Two people who truly like each other won't leave things to fate.
If you're head-over-heels into someone, would you really risk losing him with some cutesy gimmick to test fate? In this era of missed connections, it’s just not practical.

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9. Spurned lovers don’t have the guts to stop a wedding.
In our circles, we’ve yet to hear of former flames marching to a wedding ceremony with the intent of whisking away their lost loves. Accepting defeat—while drinking yourself senseless—sounds like a better plan.

10. The realization that you love someone doesn’t hit you like a hammer.
In real life, no theme song fades up, no fireworks go off, no fountain suddenly springs to life in the background. It’s much less spectacular: you let the idea grow, turn it over and over in your head, and sometimes even fight it, before finally deciding to go with it. And there, girls, lies its beauty.

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