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11 Dating Struggles All Pinays With Strict Parents Know Too Well

Your parents text or call you in the middle of your date asking where you are.

1. Lying several times to make takas.

Because if you were completely honest with your parents, you will never get to travel alone with your boyfriend unless you get married. You already don’t have a life, and you’re holding your guy back from exciting and romantic experiences he wants to share with you.

2. Feeling bad that you still have to lie, or that you’ve done it loads of times that you’re no longer afraid or nervous.

Remember the first time you made takas and you were so praning about your parents finding out you were actually on a date with a guy, and not at your kabarkada’s birthday party? Then you got home scot-free and thought you could get used to the sneaking around? Well, you definitely did. Your heart doesn’t race and pound as it did before! But sometimes you feel a tinge of sadness about it, because you still have to constantly lie—which means your parents haven’t changed—and you can’t help feeling like a bad kid about it, especially after becoming a pro in it.

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3. Having to ask permission about going out.

You’re 24. You have a job, you’re earning money, you spend money you’ve earned. And still you have to ask your parents if you could have dinner with Migs instead of just letting them know you’re going out. Clearly they still have the final say about how you live your life even if you’re already a fairly responsible adult. Wonderful.

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4. Having an unreasonable curfew.

You have to be back home by 10 p.m., like you’re still in high school. That means you can’t go to clubs, gigs, or catch a movie’s final screening, since they’re all starting when you’re calling it a day—assuming those things even start on time.

5. Getting texts from your parents in the middle of your date asking where you are.

Or worse: they’re calling you in the middle of sexy time. MOOD RUINERS!

6. Getting crap from your parents for missing the curfew—and missing their calls.

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It’s only 10:30 and you find your parents waiting outside their door for you, with a stern look on their faces. “Anong oras na? Di mo ba nakikita? Saan ka galing? Alam mo nga na laging traffic sa EDSA, ba’t di niyo inagahan umuwi? Why weren’t you answering your phone?” and it goes on and on until you say it won’t happen again.

7. Having to hear your parents criticize your guy for picking you up or dropping you home late, for not opening doors for you, for not treating you in all your dates.

Essentially they’re telling you he’s not the guy for you because he doesn’t meet their standards—as if you don’t have your own and can’t judge for yourself. While they’re just looking out for you, it’s pretty irritating if they don’t ever quit it.

8. Being able to hang out only in the living room for everyone to see you and check up on you.

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As long as your family is around, you can’t take your guy to your room, let alone be in there with the door shut. And there has to be some space between you two while chilling at the sala. None of that arm-around-the-shoulder-while-watching-TV or else you’ll get a glare and sermon from your mom.

9. Not being able to go on a date more than thrice a week.

Even going out with your guy three times a week is already making your parents feel uncomfortable, if not actually upsetting them. Every time you ask them if you can go on a date, they always say “Na naman?”—even if it’s been a week since you last saw your guy.

10. Being told to bring home a decent-looking guy only.

And this is your parents’ definition of decent: No tattoos, no piercings, is clean-shaven and makinis, isn’t way older than you, and so on. Otherwise you parents will FREAK and give you a lecture about protecting yourself and keeping your virginity. 

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11. Feeling sorry for your guy.

It’s not just you who has to deal with your overly strict parents. Your guy also has to put up with them too, much to your embarrassment. The silver lining? Knowing for sure that anyone who understands you and is patient with your circumstances is a keeper.