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11 Struggles Only Couples Who Travel A Lot Understand

Keeping your cool when you get lost in a strange city.

1. Losing out on seat sales. Anyone who banks on minimal air fare knows that budget flights run out faster than you can say ~*vacation leave*~.

2. Deciding who gets the window seat on the plane. If you’re lucky enough to have purchased one, it’s really the prime spot…until you have to use the toilet, annoying the whole row (your partner included) as you make your way to the aisle!

3. Keeping your cool when you get lost in a strange city. Prod him into asking a local for directions even if his ego won’t allow it. If he won’t, then you should.

4. Deciding where to grab some grub. If neither of you are familiar with the exotic delicacies your vacation destination has to offer, go for the authentic. Ask around. Eat what they’re serving on the street. Just be careful not to go home with hepatitis.

5. How to take the proper couple selfie without looking like a pair of tourists. Your long-ass monopod = the most effective tool for douche-y tourists.

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6. Repelling abrasive foreigners on the prowl. Just always make sure to have your arms wrapped around each other in public. Tightly. Especially in bars…where there are a lot of drunk boys. And girls.

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7. Looking for free WiFi. Not all of us can afford a roaming data plan, okay!

8. Trying to make your remaining cash fit. As the trip comes closer to its end, money will be tight from all the fun activities, dining out, and unnecessary pasalubongs for friends and relatives. So resist the urge to whip out the plastic unless necessary.

9. Sticking to an itinerary. Things become a bit tricky when one wants to stick to a detailed schedule while the other wants to wing it! The key is to compromise. Relax, you’re on vacay!

10. Trying to find a romantic spot without being bothered. There’s a good chance that local vendors will intrude on your Instagram moment.

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11. Ridding yourselves of all the sepanx feels once you’re back in the real world. Which, if you think about it, can actually be cured by creating future travel plans that will allow you to explore the world together once again.

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