12 Lines Women Never Want To Hear On A First Date

'Sooo...why are you still single?' #ByeFelicia

Guys, listen up: The first date is like the first page of a book. It could be the beginning of the most beautiful chapters in your life. OR SHE COULD SHUT THE BOOK RIGHT THERE AND THEN because of some dumb thing you said.

Sure, you want to be yourself but you need to be extra sensitive. To help your asses, we've rounded up 12 things that you shouldn't EVER say during a first date.

1. "My ex cheated on me."

Sure, your ex was a bitch for hurting your feelings and making your nights sleepless. But if you repeatedly talk about her, it will seem like you haven’t completely moved on and you still cry about it some nights are bitter.

2. "Who are you going to vote for president for the upcoming elections?"

Never talk about politics. Two things: either she's not into it or you have very different views. This can cause dislike, debate, and the end of a date before it really has a chance to begin.

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3. "You remind me of my mom."

These might be the most flattering words in your head, but girls are usually not too happy to hear this. Although you just want to convey that she is as kind as your mother, it will make her feel like...a tita.

4. "How many kids do you want?"

Dude, you're not on The Bachelorette. So please don't talk about the number of kids you'd like to have. It's your first date. Chill. Why not just ask her if she's got brothers and sisters?

5. "I orderd you pasta/a salad."

Never decide for your date unless she asks you to do so. Let her pick her meal, and don't assume you know what she'd like. Also, there are health concerns. What if she's allergic to that thing you chose?

6. "So why are you still single?"

Everyone has different reasons for being single, and for some, it could be a private matter. Unless she brings it up herself, you're better off trying to make a case why you're a good reason for her to drop singlehood.

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7. "Wow! Ang ganda mo pala in person."

Don't sound like a stalker. She'll totally freak out. Keep your online discoveries about her to yourself.

8. "Who are you texting?"

Who are you to ask? And would you even know the person if she tells you the name? This is your first date, so shut up.

9. "Do you mind if my friend stops by?"

Of course! She'll say no because she's wants to act nice. Then when the friends arrive, what happens to her? *crickets*

10. "You won't believe what happened to my date last week!"

Save it for your friends. No matter how funny your story is, she'll surely be disappointed to know that you are seeing other girls.

11. "Are you going to catch the MRT?" or "I can help you get a cab!"

Seriously? You're not taking her home after the date? No matter how well or how awful the date went, see her home. Be a gentleman!

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12. "So...your place or mine?"

After finishing your meal, ask her what she wants to do next. Don't be too obvious about just being after sex. If she wants to hook up with you, she’ll tell you.

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