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13 Ways You're Being A Bitchy GF

AKA you're actually really mean.

1. You check his phone, read his messages, and go through his emails without asking for his permission. Snooping around reeks of desperation. If you’re hell-bent on looking for something wrong, chances are you’re going to find it.

2. In your eyes, he’s more like a personal driver rather than a boyfriend. You’re more invested in the fact that he has a set of wheels to take you around town. Oh and he pays for your dinner and shopping, too! He’s a winner, girl!

3. You make fun of his physical appearance. Instead of motivating him to go to the gym or add some stylish pieces to his wardrobe, you pick on him like a bully because you know you can. Mean much?

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4. You refuse to get along with his family. Probably because you’re afraid they’ll sniff you out as a bad girlfriend!

5. Every time he goes out of his way to give you a gift, you’re never satisfied. Appreciate the gesture, CG! No matter what the present, it really is the thought that counts.

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6. You rip him apart when you talk about him with your friends. In a healthy relationship, you’re supposed to build each other up, not tear each other down. How are your friends supposed to like your man if you can’t?

7. When he opens up to you, you laugh at his problems and issues. Let’s not even mention how you tell him to "man up" and "stop being a pussy." Not cool.

8. You’re intentionally manipulative. You threaten him with emotional blackmail, plant wrongful ideas in his head, and set him up for failure just for your amusement.

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9. When you’re out, you don’t reply to him just because. Who cares if he’s worried about your safety? He only loves you so much that he wants to know if you’ve gotten home in one piece.

10. You tell him his interests are childish, lousy, and unimportant. What’s wrong with being into Star Wars in your late-20s? The answer: Nothing. Nothing at all.

11. You tell people that he’s bad in bed. Keep those thoughts to yourself, CG. It isn’t helping the (bedroom) situation.

12. You openly flirt with other men to get his attention. There’s nothing wrong with harmless flirting, but when you’re doing it to get a rise from him, it’s kind of shady to say the least.

13. Every time you guys get into an argument, you always have to be right. There’s no room for error because, you know, you’re JUST. SO. PERFECT.