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17 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Confident Girl

She won't act out of insecurity and has no problem admitting when she's wrong.

1. Because she's confident, she wants you to be confident too. 
Telling her, "I'm intimidated by you" is more likely to make her roll her eyes than feel flattered, if that was your goal. She can hold her own in any situation and needs a man who can along with her.

2. She will definitely call you out on your shit. 
If you take days to text her back and that annoyed her, she will tell you. Also, she might not (well, probably will not) go out with you again.

3. She has her shit together. 
That's one of the reasons she's so confident—because she's worked to get her life to the place where she can feel confident about herself, resisting constant cultural cues that suggest she should feel otherwise. And if you don't have your shit together and don't feel confident in what you've got going on, good luck keeping up with her. There's nothing less sexy to a confident woman than a dude who acts like he has his life together only for her to then find out that he really hates his job, has three friends, and actually has zero things together.


4. She wants to be as confident in your relationship as she is in herself and the rest of her life. 
So don't dick her around. Don't make her wonder what your intentions are. Because she won't stick around to find out.

5. She's direct and wants you to be too. 
With her, what you see is what you get and that's what she wants from other people in her life. If you don't want to chill with her anymore, grow a pair and tell her. Don't string her along and like all her Instagram photos if you're not fully invested in her. She'll appreciate you saying, "Hey, I think you're really cool, but this just isn't working for me."

6. She's highly motivated and attracted to others who are also highly motivated. 
If you don't have serious drive, you don't share the same values, and it probably won't work out.

7. She knows how to pull her weight in a relationship and won't expect anything less from you. 
A great relationship is a fifty-fifty collaboration, so bring your A game.

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8. She's not going to chase you. 
If you want her, you'll have to go after her, because she's confident she'll find someone else if you don't give your all to the relationship.

9. She isn't threatened by your ex. 
She is sure of herself and doesn't think your ex—or anyone else—is going to take you from her. And if she does think you'll stray that easily, she'll be gone before you do because she knows she deserves better.

10. She won't act out of insecurity. 
So don't worry about her going through your phone. If you pull some shady shit and give her a reason to be suspicious of your behavior, she'll ask you about it rather than go behind your back.

11. Just because she's confident, that doesn't mean she won't have moments of weakness.
She acts invincible, but she's not. She'll need you to be there for her, even when she tries to get through things on her own.


12. She doesn't expect or need compliments from people around her, but she still likes to hear them anyway. 
She knows her strengths (or just when she has a great pair of shoes on) and still enjoys hearing them called out from time to time by someone other than her own brain.

13. She's not afraid of judgment from your friends or family. 
So if they have comments about her, it's probably best to keep them to yourself, because a confident girl isn't going to change for them.

14. She probably won't change for you. 
She likes who she is and isn't interested in becoming someone she's not.

15. She doesn't want to feel guilty. 
When she does, she'll try to figure out why she feels that way and take the actions necessary to not feel that way.

16. She's highly communicative. 
She never wants you to guess how she's feeling, so she'll tell you more often than not. The last thing she wants is for your relationship to be a guessing game.


17. She admits when she's wrong. 
A confident woman isn't afraid to admit when she made a mistake or hurt another person's feelings. She will own up to her mistakes and faults, and try not to make them a habit.


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