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18 Things Every Guy Thinks He Can Fix

Whether or not he can actually fix any of this stuff, saying "I don't know how to do that" will make him look less manly, so he's always going to reply, "I got this."

1. Your oil. 
Even if he doesn't know how to change your oil, any boyfriend or male friend you ask about it will tell you they totally know how while frantically Googling it on their phone after they realize it isn't as easy as just pouring some goop into the engine.

2. Your showerhead. 
He's just going to get in there with a wrench and either tighten or loosen it.

3. Your garbage disposal. 
Pro tip: If they shove their hand in there at any point, it is because they have no idea what they're doing.

4. A flat tire. 
He actually better know how to change a tire. Every guy learns this with his dad when he's 10. It's a rite of passage.

5. Your computer. 
"Did you try turning it off and then on again? Oh, well, then I have no idea."

6. Your hairdryer.
Before you throw it out, he needs to eyeball it and shake it around a bit, then smack it a few times with his hands. All it means is you have to wait around for five minutes before going to buy a new one.

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7. Your toilet.
He can jiggle the handle or see if the chain is disconnected. Anything beyond that is pretty much a mystery.

8. Your lack of orgasms.
"Oh, I know this never works for you and you hate it, but let's see what happens if I do it."

9. Your relationship. 
Sometimes he thinks he knows what's going to make both of you happy instead of sitting down and talking things through.

10. The weird noise in your engine. 
Unless he's a mechanic or actively works on his own car, he has no idea what's happening. Just because he nods and says, "Probably your carburetor," doesn't mean he knows what he's talking about.

11. Your janky shelf. 
It's an excuse to take the hammer out.

12. Dead plants.
For whatever reason, he thinks he can bring them back from the dead with some water and love, even if there are no rose petals left.

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13. Your bug problem. 
Ant traps never work, man. Just call an exterminator instead of laying 20 of these around the house.

14. That light switch that never works unless you flick it eight times.
Unless he's a licensed electrician, he is going to start a wall fire if he does anything beyond swapping out the switch.

15. Your TV. 
Get ready to have him accidentally unplug everything while he's back there for an hour just because you hit the wrong input on your remote.

16. Your laptop with a virus. 
He definitely knows how to download some antivirus software and do a scan, which counts for something.

17. That window that got jammed and won't open. 
This will end in him shattering the entire pane of glass, guaranteed.



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