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22 Milestones Couples In Healthy Relationships Have

That time farting became officially okay.

When we speak of relationship milestones, for sure the first kiss, the first "I love you," the first time to have sex/make love are there. But what about the milestones exclusive to couples in a healthy relationship? Or the non-cliche ones? We've listed them for you!

1. Your first ever phone convo 'til 6 a.m.

Well, you guys could've stayed up much, much longer since neither of you are sleepy. Sucks to have responsibilities in the morning and to have to sleep to function for the rest of the day. You can't get enough of each other in the getting-to-know-you stage!

2. First time he said you're his "girlfriend."

Introducing you to his family and friends as his "girlfriend" means you guys have made it far and can make it further! And of course it's a sign that he's not ashamed of you and he wants the important people in his life to meet. Admit it, you love the label.

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3. First sleepover without the sex.

Because it feels like heaven to just be in the arms of the one you love, and to have him in your arms, too. It's great to know that sex isn't everything in your relationship.

4. That big fight.

That big fight that made you cry a lot, the one that nearly ended the relationship and you felt like you could really lose him for good and you just want to turn back time so you can undo what you did. Yes, that big one is on the list because you guys made it through and learned to value each other more since then. Being forgiven makes you feel cleansed, and learning from your mistake makes you feel wise.

5. First makeup sex.

Just because it's passionate and oh so amazing. (You can also make it every makeup sex.)

6. First trip together!

Congrats, your parents allowed you two to travel together! LOL. Seriously though, there were trying moments, but you managed to overcome them and learn more about each other in the process.

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7. First time you talk about marriage.

Or one of you drops the word "marriage" or entertains the idea of marrying one another. Yup, he's in it for the long haul! <3

8. First time you talk about having kids or being parents.

He's not opposed to being a dad to your babies?! He's indulging you and imagining being parents and working as a team? YAAAAAAAAAAS.

9. Being friends with his friends.

Approval of the barkada? Check. No one will get in the middle of you two! Plus points for getting invited to hang out with them too.

10. Being invited to the family gatherings.

They consider you a part of the family! Aw yiz. High five to the parents! Oh wait, that's uncool.

11. That time farting became officially okay.

You're proud to say that he started it and it was all his idea! Really, it's all him. (Suuuuure.) Wala nang hiya-hiya.

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12. Being able to talk about "disgusting" things.

Your diarrhea or dysmenorrhea? That he's about to get a pimple on his face? Body odor? Oily hair? Yup, you guys are that tight and confident the other won't end up running.

13. You have each other's parents' number on your phone.

For emergencies and holiday greetings! You and your partner look out for one another, and having emergency numbers to call is a good precaution.

14. Your first ever phone convo til 6 a.m. after years and years of dating.

Clearly, you guys aren't tired of each other and don't run out of things to talk about. <3 Also, major throwback to the early days of your relationship, which gives you good vibes.

15. Finally communicating your thoughts and feelings.

You've learned from experience that the mind games won't take your relationship further or to the next level.

16. First trip to the doctor together.

Goes to show you guys care about each other's health, and with whatever you're going through with your body, you don't have to be alone.

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17. Talking about your fantasies.

It can boost your sex life! It also makes for a getting-to-know-you sesh where neither of you judge the other person and where you guys could end up having a good laugh.

18. First time you realize that you don't have to spend every single day together.

What led to the realization might not have been a very happy experience, but finally knowing that opens up enough free time for you to do whatever you want to improve yourself or to just unwind. 

19. First time you both admit your insecurities.

Yup, he just told you a secret no one else knows but you. GUARD IT WITH YOUR LIFE.

20. First time you realize something isn't worth fighting about.

So you hold your tongue when you would've snapped at him about something small like when he didn't hear what you just said. This is definitely a practice that'll do your relationship lots of good.

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21. First time you realize that you don't have to have the same hobbies, interests, or career.

You may not be the power couple of an industry or field, but that should be okay. You've learned that liking the same things doesn't guarantee (and has nothing to do with) a strong relationship. Case in point: what you and your guy have. It's all about supporting one another and trying to understand the other person no matter what. Besides, what's more important than having the same hobby or work is having the same values.

22. Getting fat/fit together.

The road to letting go or getting fit is much, much brighter with your partner along. Also, you guys wouldn't have made it to the rounder or fitter side without the other who's either eating lots of good food and sharing it or who loves being active.

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