3 Dating Rules You Can BREAK This Year

You've heard countless dating musts over the years, but some of those so-called "rules" are no longer as rigid. Learn when and how to break them in style.

Rule 1. Never call or text a new guy twice without hearing back from him...
Unless: You didn't say who you were in the first text. He might not have your number in his phone.
Bottom line: Wait a day before re-calling or re-texting. If he doesn't answer, leave him a brief message on Facebook.

Rule 2. A guy should always pay when you're on a first date...
Unless: You asked him out. The place that you picked to go to might be out of his price range.
Bottom line: Offer to foot the bill.

Rule 3: Don't make the first move physically...
Unless: You do it in a subtle way.
Bottom line: Placing your hand casually on his arm while you're sitting together, or leaning in when he drops you off will encourage him to go for it.

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