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3 Ways To Boost The Romance With Your Man

Don't let the romance factor fizzle out just as a new year's beginning! Read these tips for igniting the fireworks between you once more.

1. Relish The Small Stuff

"Initiate little love gestures," says John Valentis, PhD, co-author of Romantic Intelligence. Have a midweek date or make out on a secluded park--just because.

2. Have An Argument

"Little day-to-day frustrations can dissolve your desire to do loving things for each other," says Valentis. When he does something that makes you inis, call him out on it.

3. Make Him Gush

Do romance, guy style, by whisking your guy away for a romantic dinner at his favorite resto. "Show him it's a two-way street by sweeping him off his feet his way," says Valentis. He'll definitely get the message that he needs to step up his romantic gestures in 2012!