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3 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Kisses

After a while, locking lips your guy might start to get a little dull. Here's how you can breathe new life into your make out sessions.

1. Flirt Your Way Into It

"Let him know you want to make out more, but do it sexily so he won't feel like you're criticizing his affection style," says Andrea Demirjian, author of Kissing. Such lines as "Let me have a little taste" get your needs met while keeping things playful.

2. Don't Wait--Initiate

Quit stressing over who goes first. Says Jackie Black, PhD, author of Meeting Your Match: "When you're enjoying the activity, you forget who really started it." Plus, be the one to launch a few lusty mouth-to-mouth sessions and the physical charge will likely thrill him so much, he'll soon follow suit on his own.

3. Always Kiss Back

Guys are sensitive about physical rejection, and turning your head away when he lunges because you feel cranky or fear you have morning breath can make him hesitate next time, warns Demirjian.

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