3 Ways To Score Points With Your Man's Crew

Make an effort to bond with his buds and he'll surely fall in love with you even more.

Adding your guys’ friends to your fan club isn’t just an ego boost—it’s great for your relationship, too. Research from SUNY Buffalo found that couples who hang with each other’s buddies are happier after one year of marriage than those who don’t. The best way to get on his friends’ good side right from the start? Host game day at your place.

1. Break out the lowbrow chow.

You may be used to throwing chic get-togethers with the girls, but resist your urge to put a gourmet twist on man food. Stick to crowd-pleasing classics like nachos, and present a selection of hot sauces that range from flaming to face-exploding. Then, suggest they bet on who can handle the most heat.

2. Connect one-on-one.

Guys are used to being treated like a mob of troublemakers by wives and girlfriends. Show that you view them as individuals, not a collective threat, by asking each of them a few questions about their interests. Then, tell them something surprising about you, so they’ll see you as a person, not just the girlfriend.

3. Take off after 30 minutes.

Drive home the fact that you have no desire to cut into dude bonding by ducking out to do your own thing, and leaving him to enjoy the rest of the night with his crew. Give them plenty of time to discuss how lucky your guy is to have a non-ball-busting woman like you in his life.

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