4 Instances That Help Him See Your Girlfriend Potential

You might not be aware of it, but some situations can make or break your chances of having a relationship with a guy you fancy.

Guys often realize that a woman is truly girlfriend material after they see her ace a sticky situation...like one of these four scenarios.

1. You Hole Up Together

It’s an early-lust ritual: You hang out Friday night, blow off plans with friends, and come to, groggy and sexed-out, sometime on Sunday. Says Mark, 27: “The first time Karen stayed over two nights in a row and was happy to hang in one of my shirts and no makeup—that’s when it clicked that she could be the real deal.” Being with each other round the clock tests if you can coexist. So, keep the convos light, resign to using your finger as a toothbrush, and resist staying ’til his alarm goes off on Monday morning.

2. You Get Really Mad

When a guy really ticks you off, you have two choices: fight right (tell him what’s up) or fight wrong (sulk, seethe, etc.). Twenty-four-year-old Matt’s woman made the correct move. “I avoided Lisa’s overprotective older brother for ages,” he admits. “About the sixth time I bailed on hanging with him, she said, ‘My brother may be a little hard to deal with, but he’s a big part of my life, and I need you to do this for me.’ I loved that she was rational and honest, even though she was obviously pissed.”

3. You Make An Ass Of Yourself

“On my first date with Sara, we went biking,” remembers James, 32. “She mispedaled and fell to the ground. My first thought was ‘Ohmigod, she’s dead,’ but to my surprise, she started cracking up.” Guys like a woman who doesn’t take herself too seriously. So, if you lose your top in a wave at the beach, laugh it off. You may feel awkward, but he’ll dig your ability to roll with the punches.

4. You Hear About His Ex

You know your boy has an ex (or several), though he likely hasn’t said much about her. But, there comes a time when discussing a former girlfriend is unavoidable.

If you can take hearing about her in stride (read: no penetrating stares or snide comments about how she ‘sounds like a psycho’), it shows that you’re relatively insecurity-free and confident with the relationship, even when you read her mail, as Kent’s lady did. “Once when Carla was over, I checked my e-mail,” says the 26-year-old. “There was an e-mail from my ex, asking me for some work advice. Carla admitted she didn’t love that my ex still confided in me, but she believed me when I said it was over and didn’t dwell on the subject.”

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