4 Post-Sex Moves He'll Love

Believe it or not, what you do after getting busy can be as meaningful as what you did during the deed.

You were great in bed—as evidenced by the fact that he’s been lying there mumbling “Wow” since you finished. But, it’s no time to rest on your laurels. Fact is, your after-sex behavior makes a major impression.

Compliment Him

Even if he didn’t quite make your toes curl this time, tell him you appreciate all his hard work. Offering specifics—like how amazing that tongue swirl was—will boost his confidence and ensure that he gives you a repeat performance of the things you like best.

Put On His Shirt

The short walk from the bedroom to the bathroom is more than enough time to turn him on all over again. “There is nothing sexier than a girl who’s willing to walk around half-dressed,” says William, 30. “If she’s half-dressed in my clothes, even better.” So, throw on his button-down. Once he sees his clothing barely concealing your naughty bits, he’ll immediately start drooling at the thought of undressing you all over again.

Offer Him A Drink

No, not booze—although that’s an intriguing idea. Instead, ask if he’d like a glass of water when you get up to grab one yourself. It’s a simple act of kindness, but after all the exertion, he’ll be grateful in a way that goes beyond mere hydration. “After the first time I slept with my girlfriend, she left the room without a word and came back with two glasses of water,” says Gerald, 27. “Usually, I make sure the girl is okay after sex, so it was nice to be taken care of for a change.”

Take Off

We don’t mind sleepovers or a little cuddling. But, if a new guy doesn’t see an end in sight to all the togetherness, he can start to feel trapped. “I can’t help but worry after sex that I’m expected to act like a serious boyfriend,” says Stephen, 30. “So, a girl who even casually mentions a need to leave at some point puts my mind at ease.” Whether it’s 10 minutes later or the morning after, make it clear that you have other things to do...and leave him wanting more.

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