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4 Situations That Reveal His Character

Get to see the real him in these common yet very telling scenarios.

It usually takes months to uncover a dude’s true character. But, “most men unknowingly reveal everything about themselves,” says Caroline Presno, EdD, author of Profiling Your Date. “If you keep your eyes open, you’ll see past the surface so you won’t get blindsided later.” Here, some common but potentially insightful scenarios.

1. He cracks jokes or makes sarcastic comments throughout a wedding.

You think it means: Um, he’s a dude. They’re hardwired to hate that lovey-dovey stuff.

What’s really going on: Were you bored, too? If so, he’s tuned in to you and will keep life fun. But if his jokes are nonstop, it could mean that he habitually uses humor to deflect from displays of emotion—funny now, frustrating in the future.

2. He freaks out when he gets you two lost while driving.

You think it means: He’s high-strung...or embarrassed (and kicking himself for not getting a map or the right directions).

What's really going on: You’re seeing his teamwork tendencies (or lack thereof). Instead of having you navigate and get back on track, he’s spinning out. If he blames traffic or directions, he may resist taking responsibility.

3. You get promoted. He says “Congrats!” ...and nothing else.

You think it means: He’s happy for you, but he’s just not the most expressive, inquisitive guy. Right?!

What's really going on: You’re getting lip service but no real enthusiasm. You want an instinctive “What’s good for you is good for us” reaction—like a question or a celebration. He also may feel competitive or outdone by you.

4. He bitches that his mom is bugging him with family drama.

You think it means: He’s not acting very understanding toward women.

What's really going on: Many guys don’t like talking about emotional issues, especially sensitive family stuff. Opening up means he thinks of you as part of his inner circle.

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